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Category: Music

People Cannot Get Over This One Crazy Detail in Britney Spears’ Christmas Tree

After Their Flight Was Delayed, These Musicians Turned Their Terminal Into a Jubilant Accordion Party

Apparently, If You Enjoy These Two Specific Pop Songs, You’re a Psychopath

One of the Backstreet Boys Accused of Rape in Heartbreaking Letter

Jay Z Stopped Mid-Concert to Speak Directly to a 9-Year-Old Female Fan About Something Remarkable

Here’s Why Nick Jonas’ Parents Couldn’t Threaten to Give Him Coal for Christmas

Bob Marley’s Very Surprising Views On Marijuana Use Were Actually The Opposite of What You Might Expect

Here’s the Solid Proof That Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Are Actually Back Together

‘Sexiest Man Alive’ Blake Shelton’s Racist and Anti-Gay ‘Jokes’ on Twitter Are Causing an Uproar

Drake Interrupted His Own Concert to Call out a Guy Who Was Groping Women in the Crowd

Nicki Minaj Has a Threesome With Herself on This Very Racy New Magazine Cover