These 25 Fun “Frozen” Facts Include Silly Mistakes and a Hilarious Note in the Credits

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Can You Tell What This Artist Used to Create These “Space Photos”?

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Inspired by images from the Hubble space telescope, photographer Navid Baraty has been creating “out-of-this-world” images for his WANDER series — an imaginary spacecraft mission that stands for Wormhole Accelerated Nomad Delivery Reconnaissance — by arranging common household materials onto an Epson scanner.

The planets and moons are made by scanning the bottoms of glasses containing the liquids. The liquids naturally create the shapes and swirls that you see in the images when they mix. The stars and other points of light are made by sprinkling spices and the other ingredients around the scanner glass. Everything is scanned with the cover open to create the totally black backdrop of “space.”

You can see all of his images on his Facebook page and Instagram.

Planet, Moons, and Stars

The planet is made from the bottom of a glass containing half and half, water, and food coloring. The moons were created from the bottom of a glass containing coconut milk, water, and food coloring.

The stars? Salt, cinnamon, baking powder, and Tums.


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The Very First Covers of 30 Famous Magazines

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Did you know that Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz’s baby was on the first cover of TV Guide? Or that Marilyn Monroe graced the first cover of Playboy? (It’s probably a good thing they didn’t get those two mixed up.)

At any rate, magazines have come a long way — along with their covers. We’ve rounded up 30 of the most popular magazines to show you what they looked like at the very beginning…

Playboy, 1953


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This 8-year-old and His Dad Are Renaming Every State With Hilariously Creative Food Puns

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In addition to being the creator of Foodiggity, Chris Durso is the father of an 8-year-old. He says that since most of the material covered on his site could best be described as “juvenile food-related nonsense,” it only makes sense that a curious youngster is going to want to get involved. But how?

His son had the idea to create a list of food puns for every state in the Union.


“The Foodnited States Of America” is now a delicious country filled with appetizing states like Kaleifornia, Swissconsin, and New Jerky.

They’re currently about halfway through the project. To follow along with the rest of the series, check them out on Instagram, on Facebook or at Fooddiggity.


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Life Isn’t Complete Until You Enjoy This Hilarious Montage of Minnesota Hockey Hair

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A man whose humor is as dry as his head is bald analyzes and praises the hockey hair that has recently been on display in Minnesota’s High School hockey tournament.

It’s fair to say that the hairstyles and their presentation here are nothing short of glorious…

As you heard in the video, this video’s sponsor is donating $15,000 to charity if it reaches 100,000 views. Little did they know how badly the internet wanted to revel in Minnesota’s flow. It is already approaching a million views.

The 33 Funniest Signs on the Simpsons

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“The Simpsons” is one of the cleverest sitcoms on TV today. With its wide range of humor that pretty much everyone can understand some of, it’s no wonder the show has been on the air for going on 30 years.

And one of it’s best, longest-running gags is the signage found in the background of scenes — that vaguely funny stuff we never notice is actually amazingly clever.

So without further ado, here are 33 of The Simpsons’ most hilarious signs…

*               *               *

*               *               *

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38 Hilariously Bad “As Seen on TV” Products You Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead With

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