Chris Pratt’s Contest Lets Fans Design His New Facebook Pic

Aug 12, 2015 By Abby Heugel 0

Not only is actor Chris Pratt known as the star of Parks and Rec and Jurassic World, but he’s also known as being one of the coolest guys around.

Need proof?

When he was in the market for a new header for his Facebook page, instead of hiring some fancy designer, he decided to do a contest with his fans (plus, as he puts it, he doesn’t know Photoshop).

He asked only that the image feature his most famous characters — Peter Quill, Owen, Andy, and Emmet — as well as “eagles, American flags, guns, cool ford raptors, cigars, explosions” and “some cool guns or rollerblades,” among his other favorite things.

Along with Pratt noticing (and mentioning) you as the winner, you might also get “a free dinner at Applebee’s or something like that.”

Needless to say, Pratt fans fired up their computers and started creating, and Pratt is personally looking through all the submissions himself. Although the winner is yet to be announced, here’s a selection of the best and weirdest so far, but be sure to visit Pratt’s page to check out the rest — and maybe enter your own.


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D’oh! 30 of the Best Simpsons Tattoos of All Time

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There’s Something Hidden In All These Photos — the Artist Himself

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These 40 Celebrities Were Former Cheerleaders

Aug 7, 2015 By Megan Berman 0

With all their glitz and glamour, celebrities can seem like they’re larger than life. But they can’t have always been super rich, gorgeous, and famous, right?

And in the case of these famous people, they went to high school just like everybody else…and shook their pom poms at football games, too!

Sandra Bullock


Photo via: Vintage Everyday

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40 Incredible and Incredibly Weird Tattoos of Celebrities

Aug 7, 2015 By Abby Heugel 0

Most people have at least one celebrity that they like a bit more than the others. Maybe it’s an actor, an athlete, or even a popular singer. Whoever it is, they’re someone you would like to sit down with and share an appetizer with.

Then there are these people — those who took their fandom to a new level by inking that celebrity’s likeness on their skin with a tattoo.

Some are amazing. Some are amazingly weird. We’ll let you judge for yourself.

Nicki Minaj


Via: Instagram

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Amazing Lost Footage of Chris Farley as Shrek Is a MUST See

Aug 6, 2015 By Olivia James 0

In 1997, Chris Farley was set to provide the voice of Shrek in the forthcoming movie. He had recorded a full 80% of the dialogue, and the people who had heard his work called it one of his best performances. The story was a little different from the Shrek we know today. The ogre was a mere teenager rebelling against the family business, but by all accounts it was likely to be a hit.

But in December of that year tragedy struck: Farley died of a drug overdose. While the studio considered hiring an impersonator to finish out the film, they decided to replace him with Mike Myers.

No one has seen footage from Farley’s version of Shrek. Until now.

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