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32 Hilarious Exercise Tweets That Prove the Struggle Is REAL

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In an ideal world, pizza wouldn’t have fat and you could simply burn more calories by scrolling on your computer instead of strolling down the street. But as we know, that ain’t happening. You have to eat right, get moving, and keep a sense of humor about things.

Or do neither of the first two options and instead tweet about the fitness struggle. That works, too.

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Pizza Girl TOTALLY Stole the Spotlight On a Kiss Cam

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This Insane Stuntman Is About To Do Something No One Should EVER Do

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Damien Walters is a gymnast, a stuntperson for films like The Huntsman: Winter’s War, Kingsman: The Secret Service, 47 Ronin, and Skyfall, and a crazy person. You would have to be a crazy person to propose a stunt that would have you flipping over a Formula E race car driving directly towards you at 62 miles an hour.

But wait! You’re not just flipping, but backflipping, so you can’t even see the car coming. Well, that’s what he did. And although it’s an overly used expression, you have to see it to believe it.

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The CRAZIEST Hot Dogs You Can Get at Major League Baseball Parks

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Peanuts and Cracker Jack? That’s so boring. A normal hot dog? Meh.

Now that baseball season is in full swing — pun intended — stadiums across the country are bringing their “A” game when it comes to giving the classic ballpark frank some ridiculously caloric (but creative) modifications.

According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, these are some of the best that you can consume.