This NFL Announcer Describing a Dude Running On the Field Was Better Than the Actual Game

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Ryan Lochte Was Rushed By Protesters On ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and Twitter Had a Field Day

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Michael Phelps OWNED ‘Lip Sync Battle’ With One Epic Eminem Song

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A Dude Somehow Got Hundreds of People To Send Him Beer Money With One Clever Sign

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There have been thousands and thousands of signs at ESPN’s College Gameday, but there was one in particular this week in Bristol, Tennessee, that might just be the most successful game day sign ever — and it paid off pretty big.

This NBA Star Just Stepped Away From His Career To Care For His Pregnant Wife With a Brain Tumor

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Tom Brady’s New Haircut Is Getting Him Hilariously Roasted On Twitter

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Veterans Are Taking To Twitter To Support Colin Kaepernick Protesting the National Anthem

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This College Football Player’s Lunch With an Autistic Student Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

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The Florida State Seminoles begin their college football season next week, but FSU wide receiver Travis Rudolph is arguably already the MVP.

This Bodybuilder Injected His Muscles With Oil To Get Bigger and Almost Died In the Process

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The New Cast of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Includes Everyone From Olympians To ‘Who Is That Again?’

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The new cast of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars has been revealed, and as usual, it contains faces that are currently making headlines and those you will try to remember where you know them from — although the last one here is one you’re probably already sick of seeing…

But with that said, get on your dancing shoes and check it out.

This Olympian Already Sold His Medal For a VERY Special Reason

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