Insanely Good Archer Shows How Hollywood Gets Archery All Wrong

Jan 24, 2015 By Abraham 0

This archer has perfected his skills with an emphasis on ancient methods. Even more interesting than how wrong our ideas of archery are is how incredibly good this guy is.

Seriously, it’s ridiculous…

Documentary Shines a Light on the Craziness of Youth Football in Texas

Jan 22, 2015 By Promoted Content 0

If you’ve ever been involved in youth sports, you know that some parents and coaches are…crazy. There’s really no other way to put it. They’re absolutely nuts.

Cheering loudly or hollering to make sure your voice gets across the field is one thing, but the truly insane parents and coaches go way beyond this — berating kids, fighting with referees, throwing things, and just generally fuming as if the universe hangs in the balance and everything will be decided by a child’s game.

And nowhere is this a part of kids’ sports culture more than among the coaches, parents, and players of the Texas Youth Football Association. Here, winning is everything. Effort, teamwork, sportsmanship — all these values take a backseat…unless they’re going to improve the odds of a win.

Friday Night Tykes - 01

In its first season, the Esquire Network documentary series Friday Night Tykes took a hard look at this league, focusing on how coaches behave with their young athletes. Unsurprisingly, it’s not all that great. We see coaches doing everything from swearing at their teams to — perhaps most crazy of all —instructing them to injure other players.

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NBA Player Sinks a Crazy Circus Shot. Shocks Himself and Everyone Else…

Jan 14, 2015 By Abraham 0

With .2 seconds left on the shot clock, Trevor Booker of the Utah Jazz didn’t have time to take a real shot when he got the ball on an inbound pass. And yet, he managed to get it in the hoop in one of the craziest maneuvers you’ve ever seen.

It almost looks like he’d done this before but that doesn’t make him or anyone else less surprised that it actually worked…

Serena Williams Just Fought Fatigue Mid-match Like No Tennis Player Ever Has Before

Jan 6, 2015 By Abraham 0

In the middle of a recent match, after her first set, Serena Williams was “dead.” So she decided to try a simple and proven technique for combatting tiredness (one we’ve almost all tried at some point). But this technique also happens to be absolutely unprecedented in professional tennis, so Williams had to make sure it was legal first.

After the ref said it was OK…she ordered an espresso.