Watch This Guy “Launch” His Kayak in the Ocean. It Shouldn’t Be, But It’s Hilarious…

Dec 16, 2014 By Joey 0

When a couple kayakers at California’s Carmel River State Beach set off for a day of fishing, they didn’t intend to provide a few minutes of entertainment for passing hikers…or the whole internet.

Unfortunately, one of them just couldn’t handle the waves. And as bad as you feel for him at first, soon it just gets funny…

After a Huge Win, This NFL QB Let His 8-year-old Steal the Press Conference

Dec 1, 2014 By Joey 0

Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for 6 touchdowns and 358 yards as he led his team the Houston Texans to a dominating 45-21 win over the visiting Tennessee Titans. After the game, the Harvard graduate had every reason to talk about his incredible performance.

Instead, the star of the game spent his post-game press conference praising his teammates and discussing the team’s challenges ahead. When asked to introduce his kids sitting next to him, Fitzpatrick was happy to shine a spotlight on his 8-year-old son Brady.

And Brady came through in a big way…

Richard Sherman Has Fun Blasting NFL for Forcing Players to Endorse Their Products

Nov 26, 2014 By Joey 0

As the NFL tries to clean up its image with players abusing alcohol, drugs, and even their fellow humans, the league is also cracking down on more trivial marketing efforts.

Hefty fines have been issued in recent weeks to players who didn’t want to talk to the media or who wore a brand of headphones that the NFL doesn’t endorse.

In protest of these policies and player safety concerns, star Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman and wide receiver Doug Baldwin showed up for their required media appearance with a little skit that they’d prepared…

NFL Star Gives Up Millions to Be…a Farmer. And That’s Not the Most Incredible Part.

Nov 25, 2014 By Joey 0

At 29 years old, Jason Brown was at the top of his game. The star center for the St. Louis Rams was called “the cornerstone of our line” by his head coach. Then suddenly, after playing three years of a five-year $37 million contract, the North Carolina native walked away from the game…

…to farm.

Brown had never farmed in his life, so he watched YouTube videos to figure out how to manage his new 1,000-acre property in rural North Carolina.

What’s more incredible than his sudden departure from the game that was making him millions of dollars is what he’s doing with the sweet potatoes and cucumbers he’s growing…

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People Are Photoshopping Beckham’s Insane Catch. These Are the #ThingsOdellCouldCatch…

Nov 24, 2014 By Joey 0

Last night we saw what’s been widely labeled as the greatest NFL catch ever…

*               *               *

Of course, the internet had to wonder what else New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. could catch. It turns out the star of the evening can catch a whole lot of things in a whole lot of places…

*               *               *

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Leaping 3-fingered Touchdown Catch May Be the Greatest Completion of All Time

Nov 24, 2014 By Abraham 4

Yesterday, New York Giant Odell Beckham, Jr. made a catch that will be featured in highlight reels for decades to come.

It’s already unlikely that a pass thrown from midfield will result in a touchdown. Add to that a defender’s interference and the fact that this pass was thrown several feet over Beckham’s head and this seems like an impossible catch.

But he was able to leap and get a couple fingers on it…and that was all he needed.

Immediately, the announcers began hailing it as a catch that will go down in history…