20 Famous Transgender Celebrities

Oct 30, 2015 By Abby Heugel 0

Bruce Jenner made headlines this year by publicly announcing his transition into a woman, Caitlyn Jenner, and opened the door for discussion about transgendered people of all types — not just celebrities.

And while Jenner’s is certainly the most public transition to date, there are others in the industry who have been blazing their own trails of transition.

Caitlyn Jenner

As mentioned, this former Olympian and reality star made the official announcement of transitioning from Bruce to Caitlyn in 2015.


Via: Caitlyn Jenner

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What Your Childhood Celebrity Crush Looks Like Today

Oct 29, 2015 By Abby Heugel 0

We all grew up with those stars that we thought had a little extra twinkle in their eyes. And maybe — hypothetically speaking, of course — we had posters of them on our walls and unrealistic expectations that we could also run with Slater and Zack through the halls of Bayside High.

Well, you obviously grew up, and so did they. Here’s a look at how those childhood crushes are wandering through the halls of adulthood today.

Mark Paul Gosselaar – Saved By the Bell


Image: Suggest

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You Have Never Seen Makeup Transformations Quite Like This

Oct 29, 2015 By Abby Heugel 0

There are many talented makeup artists out there who create absolutely stunning transformations every day. But Italian-based makeup artist and portrait painter Lucia Pittalis takes things to an astronomically high level.


She uses her knowledge from studying the classics and art in school — along with incredible talent and technique — to defy age and gender and alter her appearance into iconic film and music icons like Bette Davis, Rocky, and Keith Richards.


It’s more than just putting on a look for Pittalis.


She also captures their essence by studying the characters — watching photos, movies, videos, and saving frames where necessary.


“I think how it can be adapted on my face,” she said. “It is a kind of acting process before. I must be that character. Then I put on background music related to that character to be in the mood and I start to watch myself in the mirror.”

And what she sees looking back at her is nothing short of stunning.

25 Actors Who Passed On Iconic Roles

Oct 26, 2015 By Abby Heugel 0

The general public often only sees the end result of a film, but do you ever wonder how they would be different if they had cast different people into the iconic lead roles?

For these stars, the appeal of would-be blockbuster hits wasn’t quite enough to get them to sign on the dotted line. Rational or regrettable? We’ll let you decide.

Julia Roberts

In a fortunate turn of events for Sandra Bullock (who went on to play both of these roles) Roberts passed on both The Proposal because she refused to accept a pay cut and The Blind Side. For the record, The Proposal went on to make $317 million and Bullock won an Oscar for The Blind Side.


Image: Wikimedia

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Michael J. Fox Finally Gets His Real Life Self-Lacing Shoes

Oct 23, 2015 By Olivia James 0

October 21, 2015 was Back to the Future Day — the day when Marty McFly supposedly traveled forward into the future (in Back to the Future II).

To celebrate, Nike decided to make some of the future magic true, but unveiling the real self-lacing shoes that they first introduced in the movie. And, in this amazing video, Fox, who both played McFly and now fights Parkinson’s, gets to put on his shoes.

These moments are the ones you have to cherish.

According to Hollywood, These are the Top 50 TV Shows

Oct 21, 2015 By Abby Heugel 0

What’s your favorite TV show of all time? If you’re anything like me, it would be impossible to pick just one. And if you’re anything like the people at The Hollywood Reporter, you feel the same way, which is why they created a list of the top 100 TV shows of all time.

How did they decide? They asked more than 2,800 industry people — including 779 actors, 365 producers and 268 directors, among others — to choose their favorite series of all time (excluding talk shows and news programs).

Here are the shows that cracked the top 50 — which is highly suspect and totally up for debate.

50. Freaks and Geeks


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35 Amazingly Detailed Pop Culture Pumpkins

Oct 21, 2015 By Abby Heugel 0

Most people will never bring an actual celebrity home, but with some talent, patience, and maybe an intricate stencil, you can bring them home in the form of a pumpkin.

While they might not turn out as amazing as these, it’s one way to put your fandom on your front porch!

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine


Via: Twitter

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The Force is Strong With These Star Wars Tattoos

Oct 20, 2015 By Abby Heugel 0

In a galaxy far, far away — or actually, this one right here — there exists people who are such fans of Star Wars that they permanently show their love of The Force on their skin through creative tattoos.

It’s like Yoda always said, “Tattoo or not tattoo. There is no try.”

At least that’s what these people took it to mean…

Jedi Master Yoda


Via: Instagram

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These Pictures Show How Classy The Past Really Was

Oct 15, 2015 By Abby Heugel 0