Supercut of Robert Downey Jr.’s Greatest Movie Moments

Oct 18, 2014 By Joey White 0

To celebrate the release of Robert Downey Jr.’s latest movie, The Judge, Tastefully Offensive put together a compilation of the greatest moments in the legendary actor’s career.

From his very first part as a 5-year-old in Pound (he played a puppy) to his iconic role in the Iron Man series, here are some of the Robert Downey Jr.’s greatest moments…

(NSFW language)

Little “Jedi” Shocks Disneyland Crowd When She Dramatically Joins the Dark Side

Oct 15, 2014 By Abraham 1

When little Sariah was on vacation with her family a few years ago, she was invited on stage at Disneyland to join “Jedi School.” But she had a secret.

There, before hundreds of onlookers, she went public with her commitment to follow Darth Vader. And she did so with the perfect blend of drama and subtlety…

Via: Whole of the Internet

These News Anchors Seem Serious, but Look How Slaphappy They Get When They Go Off Air

Oct 13, 2014 By Joey White 0

Reporting on death and destruction in the world every evening can be draining, so Chicago news anchors Robert Jordan and Jackie Bange began a tradition during commercial breaks to lighten the mood — an extremely elaborate and silly “secret” handshake.

The delightfully quirky ritual currently spans two commercial breaks…and they’re still adding to it. WGN posted a video of what they have so far…

Stefon Returns, Is Hilariously Surprised by His Own Dan-Cortese and Children-of-Divorce Jokes

Oct 13, 2014 By Abraham 0

This past weekend, Bill Hader brought his best character Stefon back to Saturday Night Live to talk New York Clubs with the Weekend Update guys. As always, he had an impossibly difficult time keeping a straight face when the cue cards told him to say a few things that the writers apparently slipped into the script after Hader had reviewed it…

Fresh Prince Actor Alfonso Ribeiro Does “The Carlton” on Dancing with the Stars

Oct 8, 2014 By Joey White 0

Actor Alfonso Ribeiro is best known for playing Carlton in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but he’s currently cutting a rug on Dancing with the Stars. For this week’s jazz number, he and dance partner Witney Carson broke out “The Carlton,” then taught everyone else how to replicate the iconic dance…

(Go to 1:30 to skip the introduction and cut straight to the dance or 2:20 to go directly to “The Carlton”)