If gay guys talked to straight guys like straight guys talk to gay guys

May 21, 2014 By Abraham 169

Comedian Daniel-Ryan Spaulding compiled a bunch of cliche things straight guys have said to him before, and now he’s trying the same remarks out on his straight friend…

(brief NSFW language)

See how much it costs to hire your favorite band…or your least favorite, for that matter

May 20, 2014 By Abraham 60

Thanks to Priceonomics and an anonymous source at the booking agency Degy Entertainment, we have a list of the asking prices of hundreds of musical acts, from the ones who are just slightly more successful than a bar band to the the elite few who ask a million dollars just to show up…

Million-dollar acts

Find your favorites (or the ones you hate) and see if the price seems about what you’d expect….

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Christopher Walken dancing in over 50 movies all perfectly spliced into a single music video

Mar 19, 2014 By Abraham 66

Before his transition to acting, Christopher Walken’s theater training focused on dance. Even though he moved on to be the thespian superstar we know him as, he didn’t leave his roots behind. In most his films, he seems to find a way to work at least a move or two into his role, scripted or not.

And here we have over 50 of these scenes all edited together into the best music video you’ll see today…

Man prepares beforehand for possible kiss cam scene with a woman he’s not dating

Feb 18, 2014 By Abraham 17

Last week, a Gopher fan here in the Twin Cities took a girl to a game for Valentines Day, but it wasn’t a date, per se. Knowing that the Kiss Cam was going to be out in force that evening, he came prepared.

In this raw footage from one of the cameras, we see him notice on the big screen that the kiss camming had begun and then get ready in case it came to him and his “date.” When they switch to the camera trained on him, he’s ready…

Note to skeptics: I, too, doubted the legitimacy of this, since it seems all too unlikely and since kiss-cam antics are a well-known kind of prank. But I have it from three sources that this is completely legit — one employee of the stadium vouched for its legitimacy on Reddit and two of my friends who also know the guy confirmed on Facebook. One explained, “He was worried for a week it might happen so he went prepared.”

Woman chased by hundreds of gently stampeding rabbits for a snack

Feb 17, 2014 By Abraham 33

A woman walking through a park discovers that the area is overrun with, as she described it, “millions” of what at first seem like the most adorable assailants ever. But maybe they’re not assailants at all.

Maybe they’re a crowd of faithful believers following the one true way…

According to Yu Yu Lam Lam, who originally posted the video to Facebook, all these rabbits were worshiping her because she was their prophet…also because of the tasty snack in the bag.