These 25 Strangers Solved All Their Problems by Leaving Hilarious Notes

Oct 21, 2014 By Joey 7

Apprehension and even excitement always sets in when you find a handwritten note on your windshield or apartment door. Is someone complementing you or scolding you? Did you do something wrong?

These notes left by strangers are full of all kinds of emotions, including anger, embarrassment, and kindness. Regardless of the variety of sentiments, they all have one thing in common — they’re hilarious…

Notes from Strangers 11

Notes from Strangers 23

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Little “Jedi” Shocks Disneyland Crowd When She Dramatically Joins the Dark Side

Oct 15, 2014 By Abraham 5

When little Sariah was on vacation with her family a few years ago, she was invited on stage at Disneyland to join “Jedi School.” But she had a secret.

There, before hundreds of onlookers, she went public with her commitment to follow Darth Vader. And she did so with the perfect blend of drama and subtlety…

Via: Whole of the Internet

These 29 Signs Weren’t Meant To Be Funny But They Totally Are. Look What Road Is a Dead End…

Oct 9, 2014 By Joey 1

We’ve all laughed at a sign that communicated something that wasn’t intended, whether because of a poor translation from some other language into English or because of accidental humor in English-speaking countries where you’d think the sign maker would have known better.

Travel writer Doug Lansky compiled a fantastic book of these signs called Ultimate Signspotting: Absurd And Amusing Signs From Around The World, documenting all sorts of unintentionally hilarious signs.

Here are a few pics from Lansky’s book as well as our favorites from his hilarious site

Signspotting Around the World: Funny Fails

* * * * *

Signspotting 15

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These Cheerleaders Changed Outfits Mid-Game and It Brought an Opposing Player to Tears

Oct 6, 2014 By Joey 21

By the third quarter in Sunday night’s game between the Cincinnati Bengals and New England Patriots, the winner on the field had been all but decided. Nobody was paying attention to the game on the field, though, during a timeout in which the Patriots went above and beyond to pay tribute to Bengals defensive lineman Devon Still, whose 4-year-old daughter Leah is fighting cancer…

Still 2 Daughter

While he started the season on the practice squad, Still has since been promoted to the active roster. In an emotional show of support, the Patriots played a music video tribute to kids fighting cancer as Patriots cheerleaders traded their more traditional outfits…

Still 4 Cheerleaders

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“Girly things” are gut-wrenchingly powerful when paired with poignant military pictures

Sep 25, 2014 By Abraham 30

The Tumblr “Just Girly Things” is a site that posts pleasant, often romantic pictures with a few words on them that mention something that, according to the person posting, makes girls happy. It’s simple, benign, and, of course, sometimes a little bit cheesy and frivolous.

But an anonymous military man or woman discovered something about the site. When you take some of the posts at Just Girly Things and reimagine the words as describing images of war and other painful military photos, things get serious fast. [Update: These pairings of images are from Just War Things. Check it out for more.]

Heartbreakingly so.

When Devil Dogs, a Facebook page for Marines, posted these, dozens of readers responded, most of them simply to say that the powerful pairings left them speechless or brought them to tears…

Girly thoughts from a Military Perspective - 01

* * * * *

Girly thoughts from a Military Perspective - 04

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20 People Who Are Having a Much, Much Worse Day Than You

Sep 15, 2014 By Abraham 11

Having a bad day? Chin up, friend. It could be worse. It could be a lot worse…

Wet Paint

Oh well. At least it will match her jacket…

People who have it way worse than you - 05

* * *

Neither Rolling, nor Coasting

These folks stuck on a ride aren’t as amused as they expected to be at their favorite amusement park.

People who have it way worse than you - 10

* * *

Almost as Bad as Not Minding the Gap

This poor commuter wanted to hop off the bus, but she’s going to have to wait until the next stop to get out after all.

People who have it way worse than you - 14

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