2 guys climbed to the end of a crane atop the world’s second highest skyscraper and took these pictures

Feb 12, 2014 By Abraham 28

A few weeks ago, daredevils Vadim Makharov and Ritaliy Raskalov were traveling through China. The intended pinnacle of their trip was to reach the top of the Shanghai Tower, a building only shorter than one other in the world.

They planned their escapade to coincide with the Chinese new year, so that fewer people would be around and security would be lax. Sneaking into the building, which is still under construction, they climbed 120 stories on foot. At they top, they slept and waited for good weather.

Then they clambered out to the very end of the crane that sits on the roof…

On the Roofs - Shanghai Tower - 09

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What if the annoyances of conference calls happened in real-life meetings. Painfully accurate…and hilarious

Jan 23, 2014 By Joey White 59

The latest video from Tripp and Tyler depicts everyone in every conference call you’ve been a part of as if they were that way in an actual face-to-face meeting.

There’s 5-minutes-late guy, dog-barking-in-home-office guy, static-reception guy, and more…

(via Tastefully Offensive)

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Toddler naps with his 2-month-old puppy every day [15 pictures]

Nov 18, 2013 By Abraham 132

Earlier this month, blogger Jessica Shyba and her family adopted an adorable 7-week-old mutt. They named him Theo. On his third day as part of their family, Theo joined Jessica and her toddler son Beau for afternoon snuggle time. Beau fell asleep and then so did Theo…

Theo and Beau - 01

The next day, he joined in the naptime ritual again. “And so began,” Shyba says, “the most organic and beautiful friendship I have ever witnessed.” Since then, every day Theo waits for Beau to fall asleep and then joins him for his two-hour snooze.

Of course, mama can hardly contain herself and is posting pictures of the cuteness on Instagram. And for that, we can all be grateful…

Theo and Beau - 02

Theo and Beau - 03

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Realistically colorized historical photos make the past seem incredibly real [36 pictures]

Nov 6, 2013 By Abraham 330

Over the last couple years, an increasingly popular trend online has been to create and share colorized photos from history. Artists such as Jordan LloydDana Keller and Sanna Dullaway take intriguing old black-and-white photos and bring them to life with color as if they’d been taken only yesterday.

Here are some examples…

Unemployed Lumber Worker and His Wife, circa 1939

Colorized Historical Photos - 05

Testing the Hydrogen Bomb

Colorized Historical Photos - 26

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Here’s what Shakespeare’s plays sounded like with their original English accent

Sep 5, 2013 By Abraham 131

In this short documentary, linguist David Crystal and his son, actor Ben Crystal, look at the differences between English pronunciation now and how it was spoken 400 years ago. They answer the most basic question you probably have right now — How do you know what it sounded like back then? — and they discuss the value of performing Shakespeare’s plays in the original accent…