30 Amazing Cakes That Look Way Too Cool To Eat

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30 Happy Meal Toys That Every ‘80s and ‘90s McKid Wanted

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30 Examples of People Who Are Proud of Their Humble Food Fails

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There’s no shortage of “real” food porn, so to speak, in terms of pictures of fancy food beautifully plated and displayed for all to enjoy. But what about the chicken nuggets? The hot dogs? The Oreo cookies?

These people value the humble food they prepare, and they think it deserves the chance to be displayed and shared for all to enjoy…but, honestly, I think I’ll pass.

Braised “octodog” served on a bed of shellfish au fromage.


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20 Alternate Names For Oscar Mayer’s Bacon-Lovers Dating App

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Are you single? Do you love bacon? Then you’re in luck because now there’s an app for that.

That’s right. Oscar Mayer has recently released a 100-percent real dating app that promises you can “connect with thousands of like-minded lovers who share your selective taste in bacon that’s cured for 12 hours, and smoke-housed for another 12.”

You’re asked a series of bacon-related questions and then given options of those who “meat” your criteria. The name? Sizzl.

Meh. It’s not a bad name, but I think they could do a bit better.

Swine and Dine


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30 Sweet and Savory Spooky Treats for Halloween

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20 Lazy Recipes Anyone Can Master

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There are certain people who love spending hours in the kitchen chopping and measuring, adding a dash of this and a splash of that while creating culinary creations worthy of an Instagram shot. Then there are people who only know how to make reservations, or that simply don’t feel like putting a lot of work into a meal because hey, Netflix is calling.

If you fall into that category, have no fear (or hunger). These recipes are easy enough for even the laziest cooks out there.

Ravioli Lasagna

Who doesn’t love lasagna? Especially when it includes only ravioli, meat, sauce, and cheese. Layer, bake, and bon appetite.


Via: Iowa Girl Eats

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35 Movie-Inspired Cakes Worthy of the Big Screen Themselves

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20 Alternate Names For Oscar Mayer’s Bacon-Lovers Dating App

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40 Brilliant Ways You and Your Pet Can Dress Up as Food

Aug 27, 2015 By Abby Heugel 0

Do you have an appetite for both fun and fashion? Then dressing up as your favorite drinks and snacks — and bringing your four-legged friends into the fray — might just be for you.

If you’re looking for a few bites of inspiration that anyone can cook up, here you go.

The classic PB & J


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