Competitive eater challenges hamster to a hot dog eating contest. Guess who wins…

Sep 16, 2014 By Abraham 0

Takeru Kobayashi is a competitive eater who holds the world record for number of hotdogs consumed. He has eaten 110 in 10 minutes with buns, and 60 dogs in a mere 2 minutes when buns weren’t a part of the equation.

So who could possibly compete with this guy? A hamster, that’s who.

Give Kobayashi a platter piled high with hotdogs and give a hamster a similar number of hotdogs, but sized down to match his size proportionally, and see who can eat more faster…

Would-be groom turns prepaid reception into charity ball after his wedding is called off

Sep 11, 2014 By Megan Berman 3

Several months ago, Phil Laboon asked the woman he thought was the love of his life to marry him. But, unfortunately, things didn’t work out for them and they called off the wedding. So Phil was left with a scheduled reception that had already been paid for — almost $20,000 of food, drink, and entertainment.

Instead of feeling sorry for himself, he decided to make the best of a bad situation, and used his prepaid wedding resources to host a charity ball.


Selling out all the $75 tickets and taking additional donations online and at the party, Laboon and friends raised tens of thousands of dollars for the Surgicorps International, which performs free surgeries for children in developing countries.

The nonprofit has performed over 4,000 surgeries in over 18 countries and looks forward to being able to continue their mission thanks in part to the generosity of Laboon and all his guests.

Laboon explained…

It was obviously pretty heartbreaking for everybody involved. But this ended up becoming a really good scenario…. Bad things happen, but nothing I experience will ever be equal to the obstacles these kids face each day of their lives.

Starbucks Baristas Aren’t Dumb… Here’s the REAL Reason They Spell Your Name Wrong

Sep 9, 2014 By Abraham 54

When you order your fancy coffee drink and give them a name for your order, why does Starbucks always seem to get it wrong? Your first inclination may be to think that they’re being thick, but that’s not it at all…

(NSFW language)

This restaurant literally doesn’t want you to buy their food. Just look at their menu…

Sep 8, 2014 By Abraham 1

Bank Street Brewhouse is exactly what its name says it is — a brewery. And that’s all they want to be. But to abide by local laws, if they want to sell beer to their patrons they also have to offer food.

And just snacks isn’t enough. They have to have sandwiches, soup, milk, and soda available at all times for at least 25 people. As annoying as that is, not existing is more annoying, so they have a full menu.

But they’ve done everything they can to make sure you don’t order anything off it…

Bank Street Brewhouse's Menu

(via Reddit)

Of course, a few beers in, that hot dog sandwich might be kind of tempting. DON’T DO IT! You can just turn your hungry eyes to the opposite page where they’ve listed all the restaurants nearby that will deliver to you at your barstool.

Here’s how much to tip in each country you go to (Looks like it’s time to visit Australia)

Sep 4, 2014 By Abraham 11

If you’re eating dinner at a restaurant here in the U.S., a 20% tip has become standard. Meaning, if you want to impress or really let your server know you’re grateful, you’re looking at a 30% tip or more.

Tipping in different countries - 01

But what about in other countries?

The site will tell you exactly what’s expected of you. Enter the country and they’ll tell you the percentage. And if you really want to get particular, you can enter your bill, the amount you want to tip, and the number in your party, and it’ll spit out how much you each need to cough up.

Here are just a few countries. Perhaps you avid travelers and non-Americans can confirm or disconfirm…


Tipping in different countries - 13


Tipping in different countries - 09

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6-year-old Brit criticizes grocery chain’s label. Look at the new one they let him draw…

Aug 28, 2014 By Joey White 7

Young Harry Deverill was confused about the packaging on a bottle of sauce he had put on his breakfast sandwich, so he did something about it.

In a letter to British supermarket chain Waitrose’s managing director, Harry said he didn’t think their label made any sense.

Dear Mark Price,

I am writing as the other morning I had Waitrose essential Brown Sauce with my bacon sandwiches. I asked Daddy what the picture is of on the label. Daddy didn’t know and neither do I. Please could you let me know. Mummy says I am good at drawing so if you would like me to draw a new picture for the label I would be happy to.

Kind regards, Harry Deverill, aged 6.

Admittedly, the artwork on the original label was a bit confusing…

Kid Label 4

So rather than try to explain what was supposed to be on the label, Waitrose took Harry up on his offer to draw the label himself. The young boy’s rendition of a complete English breakfast now decorates a limited edition run of Waitrose Essential Brown Sauce bottles…

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Indians add one letter to “Ice Bucket Challenge” and make it infinitely better

Aug 27, 2014 By Abraham 0

In a twist on the Ice Bucket Challenge, many people in India are saving water and serving their community one bowl of food at a time. Instead of the Ice Bucket Challenge, they’ve modified it to the Rice Bucket Challenge. Thousands are participating in this simple and wonderful adaptation.

The movement’s new Facebook page, describes their version of the challenge…

Rice Bucket Challenge

Manju Latha Kalanidhi, the woman whose idea this was, describes where it came from…

[P]eople dumping water on themselves, shrieking, taking videos, the whole idea sort of went over my head…. I felt that as Indians we could not connect to it at some level.

The Rice Bucket Challenge is her effort to keep the charitable momentum that is happening all over the world going in India, too, but in a way that Indians might relate to more.

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