50 Ridiculously Delicious Oreo Cookie Creations That Will Have You DROOLING

May 1, 2015 By Abby Heugel 0

EXCLUSIVE: 22 Questions With Haylie Duff from ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ and ‘The Real Girl’s Kitchen’

May 1, 2015 By Scott Neumyer 0

Haylie Duff may have grown up in front of the camera playing fictional characters like Sandy Jameson (on 7th Heaven) and Summer Wheatley (in Napoleon Dynamite), but it’s her real life in front of the camera that keeps her busy now.

With the second season of her cooking show The Real Girl’s Kitchen now airing on Cooking Channel (Saturdays at 1 PM ET), we sat down with Haylie Duff to discuss cooking, motherhood, Napoleon Dynamite, and much more.

And be sure to check out one of Haylie’s own favorite recipes at the very end of the story!


Image: Yoni Goldberg

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These 36 Kitchen Fails Will Make ANYONE’S Cooking Look Good

May 1, 2015 By Abby Heugel 0

All These 35 Kids Wanted Was a Birthday Cake, But They Got These Hilarious Fails Instead

Apr 30, 2015 By Abby Heugel 0

As a kid, one of the best parts of your birthday — aside from the gifts — is the cake. You want it to taste good because it’s dessert, but you also want it to look really cool.

And, as parents, of course you want the best for your kids, so you either place your order or try your hand at making your own.

But as these pictures prove,  sometimes it’s best to admit defeat and leave the baking to the pros — and even then sometimes it goes horribly wrong.

To infinity…and beyond comprehension.


Via: Cheezburger

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50 Insanely Delicious Things You Can Do With Oreo Cookies Other Than Dunk Them In Milk

Apr 27, 2015 By Abby Heugel 0

Are you a twister? A dunker? These questions have nothing to do with dancing or trying to slam a basketball, but rather with the preferred method of eating the world’s most popular cookie — the Oreo.

What began in 1912 with two flavors — the classic chocolate and crème and lemon meringue — has turned into an empire with dozens of new flavors and millions of recipes past just twisting or dunking (or both, one after the other, as anyone who knows how to properly eat an Oreo will tell you).

But regardless of your consumption preference, I think we can all agree that Oreos are also a great vehicle for creativity. Why just eat them when you can transform them into Oreo Nutella Frappuccinos or Peanut Butter Oreo Banana Bread?

Peanut Butter Oreo Trifle

Peanut butter mousse layered with Oreo cookie crumble in your own little cup of perfection.


Via: Crazy for Crust

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Cookie Monster Goes Full-On Hulk in Sesame Street’s Parody of ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’

Apr 27, 2015 By Scott Neumyer 0

Let’s face it: Avengers: Age of Ultron is going to make a bazillion bucks at the box office when it opens this coming weekend. That doesn’t, however, make it too big for the adorable folks at Sesame Street to satirize.

Another in the program’s long line of parodies, Aveggies: Age of Bon Bon is an instant Sesame Street classic.

Perhaps the best part is the fact that not even Sesame Street can help but poke a little fun at the Hawkeye character. Ha!

75 Restaurants That Will Still Give You Free Stuff on Your Birthday

Apr 23, 2015 By Abby Heugel 0

35 Hilarious Birthday Cake FAILS That Will Make You Wonder If They Even Tried

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The 10 Commandments of Grocery Shopping That You’re Tired of Everyone Breaking

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35 Ingeniously Creative Packaging Designs that Practically Sell Themselves

Apr 22, 2015 By Abby Heugel 0

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but it’s hard to argue with the fact that in today’s competitive retail environment, product packaging and first impressions are as important as the product itself.

These 35 ingenious product packaging designs prove that a well-designed (and clever) package can make the product inside really stand out from the crowd.

Thelma’s Treats delivers clever along with cookies.


Via: Thelma’s Treats

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