Insane Harvard Prof Threatens Mom-and-pop Restaurant Over $4. His Emails Are Unbelievable…

Dec 10, 2014 By Joey 18

When Ran Duan was 3 years old, his parents moved to the United States and started a small Chinese restaurant. They knew customer complaints would be part of the business, but they had no idea how petty some of those complaints could be.

The man pictured on the left below is attorney Ben Edelman. He holds four degrees from Harvard University and his an associate professor at Harvard Business School

Harvard Email 13

Last week, Edelman ordered food from Sichuan Garden, the Chinese restaurant where Duan, pictured on the right, works with his parents.

By Edelman’s own account, the food was good, but the attorney noticed an issue that he felt warranted the restaurant’s attention…

Harvard Email 1

Duan, who manages The Baldwin Bar inside his parents’ restaurant and was named “America’s Most Imaginative Bartender” by GQ Magazine just last month, wanted to rectify the situation, even if it was over just a few dollars.

Duan replied with this…

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Keurig Wants to Force You to Use Keurig Coffee. You Can Stop Them with a Piece of Tape…

Dec 10, 2014 By Abraham 0

Since the early 90′s, Keurig has been offering coffee machines that brew single cups of coffee. Of course, their product has evolved over the years, but a relatively recent change has their fans pretty annoyed.

More recent models of their “K-cup” machines only allow you to use Keurig brand coffees. When you try to use one of the numerous other brands available, you get an error message and the machine won’t run.

Besides infuriating many of their most loyal customers, this design change has also embroiled Keurig in lawsuits related to anti-competitive practices. So perhaps they’ll reverse the decision at some point.

In the meantime, it turns out that all you need to hack the system and use whatever brand of coffee you want is one Keurig cup and a piece of tape…

Literally the Worst Jack and Coke Ever

Dec 5, 2014 By Abraham 0

Thanks to Ethan Diamond for inventing the most disappointing Jack and Coke possible…

Worst Jack and Coke Ever - 01

Worst Jack and Coke Ever - 02

Arab-American Dude and His Mom Mock White People’s Hummus in a Surprisingly Likable Parody

Dec 2, 2014 By Abraham 77

You probably don’t want to hear another “All About That Bass” parody, but you might actually mildly enjoy this one.

Remy, with his mom as his backing dancer and lyrical inspiration, sings about how hummus is supposed to be. Here’s the short version: If you’ve ever dipped a carrot in it or consumed it out of a plastic container, you’re doing it wrong…

High Schoolers Tweet Their Meager, Nasty Lunches with Snarky Hashtag #ThanksMichelleObama

Nov 22, 2014 By Joey 1

One of Michelle Obama’s biggest priorities as First Lady has been to improve the health of one of the world’s unhealthiest countries. To that end, she’s been the driver behind a movement to make school lunches more healthy.

But not everyone is on board with the First Lady’s plan.

As high schoolers watch their lunches get cut back and are served meals that are intended to be more healthy, they’ve taken to Twitter over the past year to vent their frustration.

We’ve scoured Twitter and compiled some of our favorite — or least favorite — meals from high schoolers who are hoping for some improvements…

*               *               *

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Conan Goes Coffee Tasting with His Hilariously Unflappable, Coffee-snob Producer

Nov 19, 2014 By Abraham 0

Every once in awhile Conan spends some time hanging out with his producer Jordan Schlansky. With his dead eyes and facade of dull emotionlessness, Mr. Schlansky is everything Conan isn’t…and he drives Conan nuts. It’s awesome.

In their latest day spent together, Conan takes Jordan to a fancy coffee shop and is reminded of everything he hates about the guy…