Woman renews vows with mannequin husband after 14 years [Exclusive pics & interview]

July 23, 2014 | No comments

In February, we featured a series of photos by Suzanne Heintz with her mannequin “family,” (“Single Woman Spends 14 Years with Mannequin Family to Make a Point“). In the spirited comments section, the photos were called “creepy,” “brilliant,” and everything in between.

Since then, Suzanne and I have kept in contact, and a couple months ago I got the skinny on her planned “chapter two” of her project, officially called “The Playing House Project,” in which she and her stoic mannequin husband renew their wedding vows.

I took the opportunity to send Suzanne a few questions to get a deeper understanding of her project. She graciously took the time to thoughtfully answer them, and to give us an exclusive scoop on the renewal ceremony photos.

You’re the first to see these, so enjoy!

Artist buys imitation family to satirize conformity

Suzanne, thank you for taking the time to answer some questions. I came across your work in mid-February this year and was delighted by it. Since then, on our site alone, it’s been shared 150,000 times on Facebook. And I know you’ve had a lot of press elsewhere too. But you’ve been committed to this project for a long time. How does it feel to see something into which you’ve invested so much time and energy garner the exposure it has recently?

It’s just like jumping into a hot spring. Shocking at first, and wonderful once you get used to it. I’ve said before that I’m pleased as punch to be born at the time I was. Not only because as a woman, I’ve got more choices in life than any generation before, but I’m also amazed at how much opportunity, and exposure, living in the information age provides.

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The best of runway models falling

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I suppose if you’re regularly walking around in 90-inch heels, then this is going to happen. Call it an occupational hazard. Once the wobbles set in, there’s no going back…

Umpire calls the most animated “Strike 3!” you’ve ever seen

July 23, 2014 | 1 comment

To say this guy’s third strike calls are over the top is a gross understatement, and that’s what makes them so entertaining…

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Squirrels navigate intense backyard obstacle courses (complete with British commentary)

July 22, 2014 | No comments

Steve Barley likes squirrels and assault courses. Using a bit of ingenuity and some household scraps, he combined his two interests and hung obstacle courses for squirrels across his backyard.

Then he got up early and waited. Soon enough two squirrels were more than happy to complete the test he set up if it meant reaching the food at the end…

(via Twisted Sifter)