MasterChef Competitor Can’t Open a Jar. She’s About to Lose…but Dad Is in the Crowd.

Dec 18, 2014 By Abraham 1

During a timed competition on Brazil’s MasterChef, one of the cooks couldn’t open a container she needed for her recipe. Without it open — and fast — she would lose.

Try as she might, however, the lid would not come loose. She even went so far as to risk her fingers and pry it off with a knife. But then…

…she looks into the crowd, and there is Dad.

And to make the story perfect, it all ended with her winning.

MasterChef Winner

Good job, dad.

The Best Man “Forgot” the Ring. Then the Most Bizarre Ring Bearer Ever Rolled Down the Aisle…

Dec 18, 2014 By Megan Berman 0

Instagram celebrity Quis is known for showing up anywhere he wants to wearing roller-skates and…Superman underoos.


As you can tell, he loves popping up where you least expect him, so we’re not sure if we should be surprised that he was a special guest at a wedding in Lubbock, Texas this weekend, dressed in full “Superman Drawls” costume.

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3-year-old Snaps HUNDREDS of Selfies with Mom’s Phone. Mom’s Response Is Perfect…

Dec 18, 2014 By Megan Berman 0

There is nothing that kids love more than their parent…’s phone. The games are cool, sure, but the real draw lies in taking pics! Especially selfies. Kids love taking selfies.

The mom of this 3-year-old cutie pie recently took her phone back from her charming offspring to discover that “G,” her darling daughter, had taken 677 pictures of herself.

So naturally, she made them into a video and set it to music…

Via Metro

Move over, Kim Kardashian. We nominate “G” for Official Selfie Queen.

It’s Not This “Dancer’s” Fault That He Blows It on Live TV. But He Totally Owns It…

Dec 17, 2014 By Abraham 0

A young man calling himself Aladdin recently volunteered to be a “student” for an on-air demonstration of sword dancing lessons during a local TV morning show. He showed up and changed into the costume he was given. This included a sword, a turban…and no shirt.

Then, instead of introducing a lesson, the hosts greeted all the dancers and the music came on for them to perform. But he isn’t a dancer…let alone a belly dancer, which happened to be the genre of the others there.

There wasn’t much he could do, so he just winged it…and winged it well.

(The best part is, he posted this himself.)