Winter Is Making People Crazy in Boston. But This Guy Has a Solution…

Feb 25, 2015 By Abraham 0

Back in 2005, Boston legalized “parking space saving.”

What is parking space saving? Exactly what it sounds like. When there’s a snowstorm, if you shovel out a place to park, you are allowed to put your garbage can in the spot when you’re not using it so that there’s a place for you when you come back…

Parking Space Saver - 01

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Judging by Their Note Home, This Day Care Has Never Met a Baby

Feb 25, 2015 By Abraham 0

Even though babies are adept at looking like they want to kill you, it’s fairly safe to assume that they don’t actually want to. They have a fairly limited set of desires and destroying other people isn’t generally considered by professionals to be among them.

Of course this doesn’t mean that they’re full of kindness and beneficence, either. They don’t want to hurt anybody, but they’re not particularly empathetic either.

Not everyone seems to be aware of this blance, however, as is evidenced by a note that was recently sent home from day care along with 9-month-old Baby Samantha. It’s nothing short of absurd…

Note from Daycare

Via: Babble


Samantha has been playing roughly and aggressively with the other babies; they will be crying and upset but she is smiling and enjoying herself — even our using firm voices to tell her it’s not OK to hurt her friends and remove her from area, she is smiling and going right back. Can you help us out by maybe discouraging her to not play roughly with her friends and her dog.


What?! A baby who doesn’t notice that other babies are crying and who just wants to laugh and play?

Shocking, I know.

The Seinfeld Theme Song with Limp Bizkit Vocals Is Amazingly Perfect. And Hilarious, Of Course.

Feb 25, 2015 By Abraham 0

Take the happy, slappy bass riff from Seinfeld and apply the angry, ranting lyrics of Fred Durst, and what do you get?

Perfection, naturally…

These People Honestly Think “The Onion” Is Real and They’re APPALLED. It’s Hilarious…

Feb 23, 2015 By Abraham 0

One of the best things about satire is watching other people not get it. It feels good to laugh at satire, but it feels even better to laugh at people who aren’t laughing at it. (Sure, that’s kind of pretentious. It’s OK, though.)

And when it comes to satire, there really isn’t a source more renowned than The Onion. But while they may be the most famous satirical publication on the planet, that doesn’t mean everyone knows they’re joking. In fact, there are thousands out there who see their headlines every day and believe them to be real.

Which is nothing short of awesome for the rest of us.

And thanks to the site Literally Unbelievable, we get to check in from time to time and laugh at these people.

Here are a few of the best instances of people somehow thinking The Onion is reporting real news…

“Brain-Dead” Teen

Literally Unbelievable - 24

*               *               *

Westminster Dog(fighting) Show

Literally Unbelievable - 02

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Grandpa Can’t Track with Most TV Anymore Because of His Dementia…but He LOVES Jackass

Feb 23, 2015 By Abraham 0

You’ve never thought of “Jackass” as being a show that could be sweet. Until now.

Ashley Migneault’s Papa loves the series. His dementia has taken his mind past the point of being able to follow ordinary, story-based television. But a bit of gratuitously aggressive slapstick? Well, that’s perfect…

And in case you’re dying to know, here’s what he’s watching.