This Father and Son Playing Russian Roulette with Pie Is the Funniest Thing You’ll See All Day

Apr 21, 2015 By Scott Neumyer 0

Russian roulette is much safer (and way funnier) with pie, isn’t it?

When this father and son decided to play a game called Pie Face! they probably expected a few laughs (and a little fun), but they probably didn’t expect it to be this funny. Ha!

The video has been viewed over 28 million times on Facebook, so chances are good that the UK-based game has now sold an insane amount of copies.

25 Hilarious Products Lazy People NEED But They’re Probably Too Lazy to Buy

Apr 20, 2015 By Abby Heugel 0

We all make fun of The Clapper because we don’t want to admit that sometimes doing the simplest of tasks is exhausting. But in today’s society of instant gratification and technology, the quest to relieve people of these tasks is becoming increasingly normal — and increasingly ridiculous.

Yet there are people out there who are, shall we say, motivationally challenged and can’t be bothered with the tedious nature of making a snowball or pouring a cup of tea.

For those people, these 25 products are things that they need in their lives. That is, if they ever get around to buying them.

Self-Stirring Coffee Mug

Because who has the time and energy to actually stir their own coffee — especially before they’ve had their first cup of coffee?


Via: Amazon

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20 Ridiculous Parenting Products That NO Parent Actually Needs

Apr 17, 2015 By Abby Heugel 0

There’s no question that you need a lot of things when you have a new baby — most of which you won’t even know you need until you really need them. But we’re talking about the basics here, not a contraption that tweets out prenatal kicks or a placenta teddy bear.

All I’m saying is that somehow generations of parents have done this tough job without an alarm that beeps when the baby takes a dump. How did they ever survive?

Baby Mop

The Baby Mop reminds you that it’s never too early to start making them earn their keep.


Image: Dude! I want that

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40 Things Parents Definitely Can’t Get Away With Anymore

Apr 17, 2015 By Megan Berman 0

Today’s parents have a plethora of resources available to them, from scented diaper genies, to spill-proof sippy cups, and parenting forums, where everyone else is wondering about that weird thing their kid is doing. But our parents sure as heck didn’t.

Parenting was very different 30 years ago. And when Mommy Shorts asked readers to share throwback photos from their childhood, it became pretty clear that the parents of yesteryear would be visited by the Child Protective Services of this year for all the insane stuff they did.

Then again, I guess we turned out okay, right? Hmm…

They let us “smoke” cigarettes…


Image: Mommy Shorts

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