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This Snarky 7-Year-Old Is Wise Beyond Her Years

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These HILARIOUS Analogies Were Actually Used By Students In Essays

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High school exams often include an essay portion in which students are supposed to expound on their answers, which also gives them plenty of room to bull crap their way out of the problem if they’re not quite sure.

And as these creative analogies that were actually used by high schoolers in exams show, they can get pretty creative…

This Kid NAILED Impersonations of Presidential Candidates In His 8th Grade Graduation Speech

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Women Confess To the World 18 Things That They Wish Their Boyfriends Would STOP DOING!

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Ermahgerd! Jimmy Fallon and The Rock Are Awesomely Awkward Together at Prom

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This Guy Got a HUGE Wakeup Call When He Moved In With His Girlfriend

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There’s no question that moving in with a significant other can be challenging for a variety of reasons. Just ask Twitter user Arthur Dayne, who decided to highlight these challenges in a series of tweets that prove that your life truly changes when you change your address.

Warning: NSFW language ahead.

Parents Are Competing To See Who Can Stack the Most Cheerios On Their Kids’ Heads

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Parenting can be rough, which is why you have to make it fun when you feel overwhelmed. That’s what followers of Life of Dad’s Facebook page are doing now that he’s thrown down the Cheerio Stack Challenge, which is exactly what it sounds like.

40 of the Funniest Things Ever Tweeted About Kids

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Kids…Can’t live with them without daily drama. Can’t live without them legally until they’re 18.

I joke, but that’s the point — you need to have a sense of humor to be around kids. And if you’re these adults, you also have a Twitter account where you can share the good, the bad, and the “what is that sticky stuff on the door handle again?”

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