You Can’t NOT Laugh at This Woman Laughing In Her Chewbacca Mask

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These Nurses Were Hilariously Honest About Their Least Favorite Parts of the Job

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I speak from personal experience when I say that nurses are angels on Earth. The work they do is incredible, and they don’t often get the credit they deserve given what they have to deal with. And what do they have to deal with?

That’s what Jimmy Kimmel wanted to know, so he asked nurses to send in videos detailing what they hated most about their jobs.

If You Thought Dog Shaming Was Funny, Wait Until You See CHICKEN Shaming

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The trend of “shaming” pets — posing them with signs “confessing” their wrongdoings — isn’t anything new. Usually you see it with dogs, cats, and maybe a rogue rabbit or two.

But artist Amy Rawson wanted the world to know about the flaws of her farmyard friends, so she started what kind of sounds like either a weird new dance craze or dinner dish — Chicken Shaming.

It started with her own birds, but she also accepts pictures from others whose birds have flown the coop.

Trump ‘Goes Hard’ When He Gets the Hilarious Songify Autotune Treatment

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Would YOU Test Drive One of These Giant Strollers?

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Babies basically live the life of luxury. People wait on them hand and foot, cook for them, clean them, and let them sleep for a majority of the day. Plus, they get to be pushed around outside while just chilling in a stroller. But how do parents know if that stroller is really all that it’s cracked up to be?

They take a giant replica out for a spin, despite how ridiculous it might look.

35 Pictures That Will Make You Slightly Uncomfortable

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Sometimes the strangest things can cause you to wrinkle your brow in confusion and, well, make you feel a bit unsettled. It doesn’t have to be anything big, but just enough to make you uncomfortable…

30 High School Seniors Who TOTALLY Nailed Their Yearbook Quotes

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High school yearbooks are supposed to immortalize your four years of school with a generically-posed picture and inspirational quote.

That is, unless you’re senior who knows you’re on your way out and want to go out with a bang…

Hilarious Tweets That Speak To the Soul of Every Animal Lover

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You know who you are.

You’re the one who goes to the dog park because it’s okay to talk to the dogs and not the people. You establish dominance with your cat by waiting a full .03 seconds before you cave in and give them another treat.

In other words, you’ll relate to these hilarious tweets on a deeply, fur-covered level.

This Dad and Baby Dance Class Will Make You Want To Get Funky

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You have to have a sense of humor to be a parent, and it doesn’t hurt if you also have a sense of rhythm (or a sense of humor at your lack of sense of rhythm).

These Hilarious Pics Show All the Reasons Husbands Can’t Be Trusted To Get Stuff Done

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This Girl Shared Her Diary From When She Was 7 and It’s Hilariously Dramatic!

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