Check Out How This Local Weather Team Dealt With Broken Computers

Dec 13, 2014 By Abraham 0

When the computers froze during a weather segment recently, the team at Charleston’s ABC4 figured out how to improvise…

Weather When the Computer Is Down

Check out the whole thing…

Would You Respond This Well If You Found Your 5-year-old Shaving His Head?

Dec 12, 2014 By Abraham 2

What would you do if you discovered your 5-year-old son giving himself a haircut with the electric clippers?

When Chanda Campbell recently heard giggling in the bathroom and then noticed a buzzing sound coming from the same direction she went to check it out. After seeing what was happening (and realizing, at this point, there was no going back) she just grabbed her camera and documented the hilarity for the rest of us…

We’re impressed at her immediate ability to laugh this off…

These Guys Love Puns and Movies So Much They Spent 2 Years Making This Silly Iron Man Parody

Dec 12, 2014 By Abraham 0

Anders Wotzke and Michael Nixon love movies. They also love puns. So they decided to combine their interest in a 10-second parody of Iron Man, in which he is…an iron. And then they started running into obstacles, mainly the fact that they were clueless about actually making movies. 

It turns out making a household iron fly and blow stuff up is really, really hard when you have no idea what the hell you’re doing.

Now, after two years of fitting filmmaking into their spare time, they have a 3-minute movie to show us.

Talk about commitment to a joke. I think you’ll agree it was all worth it, though.

Introducing Iron Can

…the incredible true story of the founding member of the legendary Appliance Alliance™.

Ultra Downy Jr. (now with floral scent!) stars as Tony Starch: Genius. Billionaire. Philanthropist. Can of fabric softener….

Only Iron Can has the power-setting to flatten [the nefarious Fabrice Crimp] and put an end to his ruffled reign of terror…

But even the greatest of heroes eventually run out of steam…


Famous Authors…and the Dogs Who Look Like Them

Dec 11, 2014 By Megan Berman 0

Photographer Dan Bannino has been juxtaposing classic authors with their canine doppelgängers in a series he calls Poetic Dogs. The resemblances are at least amusing and occasionally uncanny…

Oscar Wilde


Charles Bukowski


But Bannino’s project isn’t just cool photos of funny dogs—his inspiration comes from his beloved dog Rothko, who he rescued from a shelter over a year ago.

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