Photos of New York City storefronts taken 10 years apart show gentrification and decay [36 pictures]

April 4, 2014 | No comments

When photographers James and Karla Murray began working on their book, ”Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York,” they were simply attempting to show photos of the last family-owned businesses remaining in New York City. However, they quickly realized that as soon they were photographing these shops, they were shutting down, only to be replaced by corporate businesses or simply left to fall apart.

Ten years after the initial photos for the book were taken, the Murrays returned to many of these locations to photograph what is in place today, revealing an intriguing and sometimes depressing picture of an ever-changing city…

E 14th St & Union Square W, Union Square

NYC Ten Years 10

Grand St & Ludlow Street, Lower East Side

NYC Ten Years 04
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How old fighter planes fired machine guns from behind propellers without hitting blades

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WWI-era planes were outfitted with mechanisms that connected the machine guns to the propeller so that the spinning would trigger the gun once per rotation. This allowed it to time itself correctly and prevented the plane from crashing because of a shot-off blade…

From Mozart to Dickens — How history’s greatest thinkers managed their time [17 pictures]

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Mason Currey’s book Daily Rituals: How Artists Work used diaries and letters of some of history’s greatest intellectuals, composers, writers, and inventors to determine how they spent each day.

Engineer and designer RJ Andrews took the results from Currey’s book and created these graphics for a simple visual illustration of each big thinker’s day.

The graphics are broken down into 24-hour periods with each person’s various activities color-coded in different categories…

Big Thinkers Time Management 01 Big Thinkers Time Management 02

The myriad ways in which these people spent their time serve as inspiration for how we spend our own days, or perhaps they simply prove that there’s no single method that works for every creator…

Big Thinkers Time Management 05

Big Thinkers Time Management 08

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15-year-old Michael Phelps discusses getting his learner’s permit and hoping for a gold medal

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Just a few weeks into his first job as a sports producer in 2001, Redditor Stevethenewsguy had the chance to interview an unknown swimmer named Michael Phelps and his coach, Bob Bowman.

The most decorated Olympian in history was just 15 years old and still three years from the Athens Olympics that would put him on the map with six gold and two bronze medals. At this point in his life, Phelps was between working on getting his learner’s permit and setting a goal of winning a gold medal the way the rest of us would hope to finish a 10K…

Some of cutest pictures of kittens & puppies ever taken are from over 100 years ago [26 pics]

March 24, 2014 | 4 comments

Old Cat Photos 09

It all started for Harry Whittier Frees when he was at a birthday party in 1906 and a paper party hat landed on a cat’s head. The American photographer took a picture of the comical cat, sold it to a postcard printer, and was quickly asked for more photos like it.

Thus began his work of getting his furry friends to pose for photographs that couldn’t be edited with Photoshop.

Frees’ pictures, which he sold for novelty postcards and children’s books, are a testament to his impeccable patience with these pets, as well as his mother’s skill as a seamstress, as she made all of the clothes worn by the adorable animals.

While Frees tried photographing bunnies and puppies, he preferred cats, writing in his book, Animal Land on the Air,

Puppies are tractable when rightly understood, but the kitten is the most versatile animal actor, and possesses the greatest variety of appeal.

Before an internet debate erupts over his statement, check out the rest of his photos and decide for yourself…

Old Cat Photos 01

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Last meals of death row inmates offer unique insight into Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, and 10 others

March 22, 2014 | 1 comment

When photographer Henry Hargreaves came across a list of final meals requested by convicts on death row, he realized that he suddenly saw them as more human than he had before. Rather than simply an evil prisoner deserving of the worst punishment available, they were a person who liked the same foods he did, or perhaps foods he didn’t. It took away some of the coldness of the person.

In a series called No Seconds, Hargreaves recreated each meal and photographed it alongside the name and description of each inmate and an overview of their last meal. The reason each chose their meal is fascinating, from Victor Feguer, who hoped an olive tree would grow as a lasting symbol of peace from his last meal of an olive with an olive pit, to John Wayne Gacy, who had managed three KFCs prior to his conviction and asked for a bucket of original recipe KFC…

Death Row Meals 01

Death Row Meals 02

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Rejection letters to superstars early in their careers give us all hope [9 pictures]

March 18, 2014 | No comments

There was a time before the likes of U2, Andy Warhol, and Madonna were universally known, a time when they were still struggling to find any recognition for their work. Thankfully, these musicians, artists, and writers saved some of the rejection letters they received from major publishing firms, record companies, and museums.

Some of the letters contain helpful career advice while others are dismissive and downright rude. We’ve included some of the more notable quotes from each letter below…

U2, rejected by RSO Records, 1979

[W]e have listened with careful consideration, but feel it is not suitable for us at present.

We wish you luck with your future career.

Rejection Letters 1
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Iconic buildings and monuments zoomed out to show surrounding landscapes [20 pictures]

March 17, 2014 | No comments

When we picture a famous building or monument in our minds like the pyramids or Mount Rushmore, we generally envision a close-up image. So it is intriguing to see photos of these sorts of places from further away that show the surrounding landscape and give context to these iconic locations…

The Great Pyramids of Giza

Iconic Landscapes Zoomed Out - 01

Iconic Landscapes Zoomed Out - 02

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How 60 famous historical figures have been portrayed on film

March 14, 2014 | 3 comments

Famous people show up in TV shows and movies all the time. Sometimes they are lampooned and other times they’re portrayed seriously. Here is a large collection of the way a few dozen famous people from throughout history have been treated by filmmakers…

Famous people as portrayed in movies - 30

Famous people as portrayed in movies - 45

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