Watch 100 Years of Hair and Makeup Styles in 1 Minute

Dec 5, 2014 By Megan Berman 0

With each era, our definition of what it means to be beautiful changes. (Consider the crimped hair and pastel eyeshadow of the 80s…and shudder to yourself.) But usually it changes slowly enough that we don’t think too much about it.

But not in this video. Here’s what being beautiful has meant for the past 100 years condensed into 1 minute…

When Britain Tested LSD on Their Soldiers the Results Were Decisive…and Hilarious

Nov 26, 2014 By Abraham 0

In 1964, wanting to find more non-lethal ways to incapacitate enemies, the British military thought perhaps getting them high would work. So they decided to test this by secretly giving a number of their own marines LSD and then sending them out to perform a mock battle.

Would LSD Incapacitate the Marines?

It didn’t take long for them to get their answer…

College Kids Give Stunningly Bad Answers to Questions Like, “Who Won the Civil War?”

Nov 13, 2014 By Joey 11

There’s no better way for a new student organization to make a splash on campus than to make a video that shows their own student body’s incompetence, and then watch it go viral for the whole world to see.

That’s what a new non-partisan political organization called PoliTech did on the campus of Texas Tech University, asking fellow students to answer simple questions about U.S. history, current affairs, and — of course — pop culture.

You can probably guess how well most students did in each category…

Of course, the video has created enormous controversy on campus at Texas Tech. People like political science professor Mark McKenzie say it represents a typical student. Others, especially students, are outraged at the potential impact the video could have on Texas Tech’s reputation.

Some of the World’s Most Iconic Landmarks…Under Construction

Nov 11, 2014 By Joey 0

Icons like the Gateway Arch and Sydney Opera House have been around so long and are so ingrained in our collective psyche that it’s easy to forget how new they are to our cultural landscape.

These photos remind us that it wasn’t so long ago that these iconic structures were only dreams that were still in the process of being realized…

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Landmarks Under Construction 1

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Landmarks Under Construction 2

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This Kid Found a Valuable Ancient Artifact and Did WHAT with It?

Nov 6, 2014 By Megan Berman 1

When 10-year old Noah Cordle cut his foot on a sharp object while boogie boarding on the Jersey shore, he thought a crab had pinched him. When he looked a little closer, he saw that the offending object was actually an arrowhead. Cool, huh?


It gets cooler — the arrowhead is actually a rare Clovis point estimated to be 14,000 years old.

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Ever Wonder If You’d Be Friends With Your Parents If You Were the Same Age?

Nov 4, 2014 By Megan Berman 2

Danielle Delph, an art director, always thought she and her mom would be great friends if they had grown up together. So she put her photo editing skills to the test by photoshopping herself seamlessly into a series of vintage pics of her mother. She titled her work, “If I Had Known My Mother Back Then.


Delph says she had always wondered if she and her mom would’ve gotten along if they had been the same age…

I think it’s one of those ideas that people have at any point in life. You grow up and you say, “Oh, I wonder if my mom would have thought that was fun,” or “What was she like when she was my age? What would she have done?”


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The Oldest Minnesotan Just Joined Facebook…and She Had to Lie About Her Age Do It

Oct 14, 2014 By Megan Berman 0

Just in time to have her wall fill up with happy birthday wishes, Minnesota’s oldest resident has signed up for Facebook.

The catch? Anna Stoehr, who just turned 114 this past weekend, had to lie about her age to be allowed to have an account. When she entered her actual age, it came back as invalid. So she pretended to be a 99-year-old spring chicken in order to join…

So how does a woman who has literally witnessed the invention of electric lights, telephones, cars, and the internet, get on Facebook? With the help of her 85-year-old son and the Verizon sales rep who sold him an iPhone, Joseph Ramirez.

I had just sold him the iPhone, and he was talking about his mother. And I realized that he was 85 years young, and I was just astounded…I [asked] “Well, how old is your mother?”

Now Joseph is teaching Anna how to use email, Google, Facebook, and her personal favorite: FaceTime. Anna has made friends all around the world and loves calling people on her new iPad mini for a chat. But she doesn’t have much use for Google, as proven by Joseph, who once googled Susan B. Anthony, only to have Anna sassily tell him, “I could’ve told you that.”

She also had Joseph write Mark Zuckerberg a letter (on a typewriter!) to request that she be able to list her real age, telling him, “I’m still here.”

You tell ‘em, Anna.

Via: Kare 11