The Very First Covers of 30 Famous Magazines

Mar 11, 2015 By Abby Heugel 0

Did you know that Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz’s baby was on the first cover of TV Guide? Or that Marilyn Monroe graced the first cover of Playboy? (It’s probably a good thing they didn’t get those two mixed up.)

At any rate, magazines have come a long way — along with their covers. We’ve rounded up 30 of the most popular magazines to show you what they looked like at the very beginning…

Playboy, 1953


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The Fun Stories Behind 40 Famous Company Names

Mar 10, 2015 By Abby Heugel 0

Have you ever wondered why both a cell phone company and computer giant are named after fruits such as apples and blackberries? Or how about why a social media site is named after the sound a bird makes or what a character in a Moby Dick novel has to do with the biggest coffee shop in the world?

Well, wonder no more. We’ve tracked down the etymologies of 40 of the best known companies around.


This coffee giant was named after Starbuck, a character in the novel Moby-Dick. Founders thought the name evoked the romance of the high seas and the seafaring tradition of the early coffee traders.


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What Happens When Your Airbag Is a Hundredth of a Second Late

Mar 9, 2015 By Abraham 0

Look how important it is to have a punctual airbag (demonstrated with a watermelon, thankfully)…

25 Dollar Store Hacks to Make Every Parent’s Life Easier

Mar 9, 2015 By Abby Heugel 0

Everyone knows that you can get inexpensive toys at the dollar store, but did you know you can also make your life as a parent a little bit easier?

No, the dollar store won’t sell you wine. But as an alternative, here are 25 genius ideas…

Use a shower caddy to help minimize damage when eating in the car.


Image: Look What I Did

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These 48 Amazingly Kind Strangers Will *Permanently* Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Mar 7, 2015 By Abby Heugel 0

You Don’t NEED These 30 Ridiculous Kitchen Gadgets, But You’re Going to Want Them In Your Life

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15 Brilliantly Creative Ways to Use Leftover Wine

Mar 5, 2015 By Abby Heugel 0

Leftover wine? Is that really a thing?

Yes, there are times when one too many bottles are opened or you forgot about the one in the back of the fridge and find it’s no longer pleasing to the palate.

While you could take one for the team and swig it down in an attempt to avoid wasting those last precious drops, there are alternatives. You can still make the most of that wine without toasting the evening with a chilled class of vinegar vino.

1. Turn Your Pinot into Paint

Wine is water-based, obviously, so you can use the same tools from watercolors for painting with wine. But you can’t just paint with wine. It takes a few minutes of preparation.

Reducing the wine is the only way to get the richest, darkest color, so put 2 cups on medium-low heat and reduce for about 10-12 minutes. Then if you want to, you can make a basic sketch with pencil on your watercolor paper. Stand back, drink your good wine, and fill in your drawing with wines of different hues.

For a more purply hue, it’s recommended you choose Merlot, Cabernet, Shiraz, Syrah, Petite Sirah or Malbec. For a lighter, more red-orange hue try Tempranillo, Nebbiolo, or Sangiovese.


Image: Wine Folly

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15 Unexpected Ways Your House Is Almost TRYING to Make You Sick

Mar 4, 2015 By Abby Heugel 0

Most people make an effort to avoid things that are obviously dirty and most likely harboring millions of germs — garbage cans, public restrooms, the handholds on the bus. That makes sense, but have you considered the threats that linger on things in your home?

The germs are coming from inside your house!

Here are the 10 places at home that can make you sick and how to avoid that scenario…

1. Kitchen Sink

Apparently “Everything but the kitchen sink” applies to “What is relatively clean in your house?”

According to research published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology, the average kitchen sink harbors about 100,000 bacteria per square centimeter, compared to the average toilet’s 100 bacteria per square centimeter.

That’s right. Your sink is nastier than your toilet.

Germs thrive in moist environments (like in a drain) and food prep introduces dangerous bugs like E. coli and salmonella to the equation. And then there you are with your (likely) improperly washed hands, turning on and off the faucet and touching all the things, getting germs everywhere in the process.


Image: Pixabay

The Solution

Kelly Reynolds of the University of Arizona’s College of Public Health recommends you wet the sink and scour with a scrub brush a couple times a week to get rid of any bacteria adhered to the surface.

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11-year-old’s Desperate Letter to Her NHL Team Asking Them to Let Dad Come Play for Them

Mar 3, 2015 By Abraham 0

Jordyn Leopold’s dad Jordan is a defenseman in the National Hockey League and for the last season he’s played in Ohio, a long way from their family’s home in Minnesota. And before that, over the course of his 13-year career, he has played for six other teams.

Needless to say, his family is accustomed to him being far away for unfortunately long stretches of time.

Leopold Letter - 02

But they’re over it. At least 11-year-old Jordyn is. She’s had enough and so she decided to do something about it.

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25 Dollar Store Hacks to Make Every Parent’s Life Easier

Mar 2, 2015 By Abby Heugel 0