Inmate’s beautifully simple letter to his little boy is full of love and regret

Sep 25, 2014 By Abraham 0

After committing fraud, Nolan’s dad was in prison for a long time. Sometimes they didn’t see each other for years at a time. 12 years ago when Nolan was 6, he got to visit his dad. Afterward, his dad sat down in his cell and wrote him a letter.

Nolan is 18 now. As he was packing to move to college he found the note from so long ago…

Inmate's letter to his son

Despite the pain in this letter, things seemed to improve. Nolan reports that his dad is free and doing well.

“Girly things” are gut-wrenchingly powerful when paired with poignant military pictures

Sep 25, 2014 By Abraham 24

The Tumblr “Just Girly Things” is a site that posts pleasant, often romantic pictures with a few words on them that mention something that, according to the person posting, makes girls happy. It’s simple, benign, and, of course, sometimes a little bit cheesy and frivolous.

But an anonymous military man or woman discovered something about the site. When you take some of the posts at Just Girly Things and reimagine the words as describing images of war and other painful military photos, things get serious fast. [Update: These pairings of images are from Just War Things. Check it out for more.]

Heartbreakingly so.

When Devil Dogs, a Facebook page for Marines, posted these, dozens of readers responded, most of them simply to say that the powerful pairings left them speechless or brought them to tears…

Girly thoughts from a Military Perspective - 01

* * * * *

Girly thoughts from a Military Perspective - 04

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How tattoos work and why they hurt like a son of a gun…up close and in slow motion

Sep 24, 2014 By Abraham 2

Destin of Smarter Every Day popped into a tattoo shop with some really nice cameras and got some intense footage of what’s really happening when you get a tattoo.

It’s educational, of course…and maybe a little bit disconcerting, too…

The most expensive regular season baseball game ever is happening tomorrow

Sep 24, 2014 By Joey White 0

If you’re looking to watch the New York Yankees take on the Baltimore Orioles Thursday night, you’ll have to shell out a lot more money than the face value of the ticket you’re buying. A lot more.

The game will be Derek Jeter’s last regular season game in Yankee Stadium as the 20-year veteran retires at the end of this year and the Yankees are all but officially eliminated from the playoffs.

As a sign of the impact Jeter has had on the ball club and the respect he has among his fans, look at how much tickets for his final game are going for on the second market site StubHub

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 11.28.26 AM

The cheapest ticket you’ll find at the moment is for $332, and you’ll be sitting in the bleachers with this obstructed view. Oh, and you’ll be with a bunch of strangers since this is a single ticket, not a pair…

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High school rallies around student who lost his mom to cancer in emotional show of support

Sep 23, 2014 By Joey White 1

When 17-year-old Dandric Piolet returned home from school last Thursday, he discovered that his mother had lost her battle with cancer. The Garland High School senior posted a note to his friends on Instagram, saying,

“Just letting this all sink in right now. Coming home and finding the woman who breaks her back and struggles day to day to take care of me dead.”

The next day, Dandric insisted on attending school. While he craved a return to normalcy, life was anything but normal as he grieved the loss of his mother who raised five boys by herself.

Fortunately, Dandric was far from alone. A student tweeted this photo of the hall full of students surrounding him in support…

Garland High School

As the captain of his football team, Dandric wasn’t about to miss a big game that night in a sport his mother, Tasha, loved to watch. Fans of Garland’s opponent, Naaman Forest, even painted Dandric’s number 42 on their backs as a show of support.

This story from FOX 4 helps capture some of the emotion of that day, where an entire community wrapped their arms around a young man during his darkest moment…

(via Uplifting News)

Senator comes out as gay to thousands of people in the most casual way possible

Sep 23, 2014 By Abraham 0

Hundreds attended a rally in Harrisburg, PA earlier today to support major changes in Pennsylvania’s hate crime law that would add equal protection for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender citizens. At the rally, state senator Jim Ferlo introduced a bill he drafted, and he took the opportunity in front of the crowd present, the television audience, and thousands more online to say why this issue is of particular importance to him.

It certainly would have made sense if this explanation had been presented with a tone of concern or even anger. But that’s not how he chose to officially come out…

Here’s his brief comment…

Hundreds of people know I’m gay. I just never made an official declaration. I never felt I had to wear a billboard on my forehead. But I’m gay.

Get over it. I love it. It’s a great life

Emma Watson praises men who are “inadvertent feminists,” receives standing ovation at the U.N.

Sep 22, 2014 By Abraham 0

In an effort to reclaim the word “feminist” as representing a desire for equality rather than any kind of “man-hating,” Emma Watson made an impassioned plea before the U.N….

We are struggling for a uniting word, but the good news is that we have a uniting movement.

She was introducing He for She, a “solidarity movement for gender equality that brings together one half of humanity in support of the other of humanity, for the entirety of humanity.”

You may not call yourself a feminist, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t one. If you support equality, no matter your gender, you are a feminist…even if inadvertently…

Artist’s depicts a woman’s entire life by continuously updating a single image of her face

Sep 21, 2014 By Megan Berman 1

South Korean illustrator Seok Jeong Hyeon skillfully captures a woman’s aging process from babyhood to old age, in a single digital “live” drawing. He draws a baby girl and then edits the drawing to represent her different stages of life until she is a vibrant old woman…

Watch her grow from a baby to a little girl, then lose her chubbiness and become a young lady. As she becomes an adult, she loses her innocent gaze, and her eyes seem more knowing.

Hyeon deftly changes the woman’s appearance, using a light touch to age her with subtle changes to her hair and skin and eyes…until you see the final image. Truly incredible work!