Awesome Dad Transforms His Daughter’s Room Into a Fairytale Treehouse

Feb 2, 2016 By Abby Heugel 0

As a kid, being told to go to your room is usually some sort of punishment. But that’s not the case if you’re the daughter of Reddit user radamshome.

These Kids Couldn’t Care Less About What You Think

Feb 2, 2016 By Abby Heugel 0

Ahhh, childhood. A time of such innocence, such wonder, such…well, such a load of crap.

Kids have it made. They can throw tantrums, take naps, and cause more destruction with a granola bar than ever thought imaginable and still have warm meals made for them every single day. And did I mention the naps?

And while most are innocent and wonderful, do not be fooled. Many of them know exactly what they’re doing…and that we’ll still love them even if they’re actually kind of awful at times.

After This New Mom Lost Her Wedding Ring, She Was Shocked Where It Ended Up

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The BEST Things People Have Heard Kids Say

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Sarcastic Moms Hilariously Caption Ridiculous Stock Photos of Motherhood

Jan 29, 2016 By Abraham 0

If the pictures of “parenting” featured on many stock image sites are to be believed, having kids is all bright smiles, bright kitchens, and bright clothes. But, as anyone who has kids (or anyone who has ever even seen a kid) can attest…this is all a lie.

Over at the site It’s Like They Know Us, moms with a sarcastic flair can submit their favorite, most ridiculous stock image of motherhood accompanied by an acerbic caption. The contrast between the pseudo-serenity in the imagery and the biting mockery in the commentary is perfect.

Here are a few of the best…

Awesome Toys That Will Bring You Right Back To Your Childhood

Jan 29, 2016 By Abby Heugel 0

It doesn’t matter how old you are — you still remember those toys that you absolutely had to have when you were younger. Maybe it was something simple like another pack of the twisted Garbage Pail Kids cards or the elaborate elegance of the bright pink Barbie Glamour Home.

Whatever it was, it was the thing that got you up in the morning, knowing you could play with it and show it off to your friends. Well, that and the fact your mom was yelling at you to get up, but whatever. Get your play on!

Like It Or Not, Your Parents Were Actually Right

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