18 Sentences Guaranteed to Ruin a First Date…and They’re Not Even Dirty

Dec 11, 2014 By Megan Berman 0

We’ve all been on bad dates, but these would really take the cake.

Redditors were recently asked what sentence could ruin a date immediately, and boy, did they deliver. Many of them shared real-life experiences and others just imagined. Of course, some of them were R-rated. Plenty weren’t, though, and they’re just as hilariously bad…



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Romantic Nerd Secretly Tracks His Heart Rate As He Proposes

Dec 3, 2014 By Abraham 0

It is both a thrilling and stressful experience to ask a person to marry you. A million questions are swirling around in your mind making the day leading up to the big ask much more nerve-wracking than an ordinary day…

What should I say? Will I remember to say it? Am I going to lose the ring? Will they say yes?

All this must have a physical effect, like a raised heart rate at minimum, right? Redditor Sesipikai decided to check.

On a recent trip to Rome, he planned to ask his girlfriend to marry him. While some men might try to get a photographer to clandestinely capture the moment, he decided to document and commemorate his proposal even more creatively — with a secret heart monitor.

Throughout the day in question, he secretly tracked his beats per minute with a heart rate belt. Then, after he came down from the high, he exported the resulting data as an xml file and created this adorably nerdy graph in Excel…

Heart Rate During Marriage Proposal - 01

Heart Rate During Marriage Proposal - 02

Don’t worry, his resting heart rate is much lower than this chart would suggest. He notes…

I did try measure my heart rate in the office. It’s about 60ish. The whole day was walking and thinking, so the mean is quite elevated.

And not just that. He says…

That ring burns your pocket like there’s no tomorrow. I have a new found respect for Mister Frodo after that day.

Obits Aren’t Usually Full of Jokes, but This One Is. And It’s by the 35-year-old Deceased…

Dec 1, 2014 By Joey 0

Before he became a husband and father nearly 3 years ago, Aaron Purmort was diagnosed with incurable brain cancer.


Rather than live in a state of melancholy, the Minneapolis graphic designer and his wife Nora grabbed life by the horns. Through social media and Nora’s Tumblr, their story reached thousands before Aaron’s untimely death last week.

True to his nature, Aaron wrote his own obituary with his wife shortly before his death and it was published in the Sunday edition of the Star Tribune. You’ve probably never read a better one…

Aaron Purmort

Be sure to check out Nora’s Tumblr, My Husband’s Tumor, where you can read more about the vivacious couple and contribute to help cover costs for Nora and their son Ralphie.


Nervous 13-year-old Comes Out to His Friend via Text, Gets an Unexpected Response

Nov 25, 2014 By Joey 3

It’s hard enough for a 13-year-old boy to come to the realization that he’s gay and then try to figure out how to tell the world. But it’s even harder to do that in Singapore, a country that’s well known as a conservative nation where same-sex sexual activity is still against the law.

So when this young man in Singapore nervously texted his friend with his revelation, he wasn’t sure what kind of response he would get…

Coming Out Tweet 1

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