It’s Scary When Baby Panda Meets Mom for the First Time…and Then You’ll Be in Love

May 19, 2015 By Scott Neumyer 0

Back in 2013, zookeepers in Taipei, Taiwan’s zoo introduced a baby panda (merely one month old) to her mother for the first time and if you expect the meeting to be pretty cute, you’re highly underestimating it.

The cub is kept in a separate cage because zookeepers are worried that her mother might kill (or even eat) her, so there are a precarious few seconds as Mama wraps her huge jaws around baby’s head, but then it’s smooth sailing as she lifts her up and proceeds to give her the biggest panda snuggles ever.

Panda snuggles, we said!

This Cat Loves Her Little Ice Cream Treat Until THIS Suddenly Happens…Hilarious!

May 16, 2015 By Scott Neumyer 0

Brain freeze is the worst ever, am I right? All you want to do is enjoy your frozen treat at the breakneck pace of someone trying to devour the most delicious thing on the planet! Is it too much to ask that your brain can keep up with you?

Well, I guess it’s a little encouraging at least to find out that we humans aren’t the only creatures that must endure this dreaded affliction. As you’ll see, our feline friends can feel the pain too…

Wait Till You See the One Thing Bunnies Can Do to Be Even Cuter Than They Already Are

May 12, 2015 By Scott Neumyer 0

Bunnies are freaking cute. But it turns out all it takes to ramp up their adorability quotient is a good, old-fashioned competition…

We all know that (unlike white men), bunnies can jump.

With that 90′s movie reference out of the way, you can revel in the amazing cuteness of watching bunnies compete to see who has the best hops at the “Rabbit Grand National.”

That’s right…the Rabbit Grand National.

Picture the cutest bunny you can. Now watch and see how much cuter they are when they’re soaring to new heights as they each try to become the champion…

Here’s What Happens When You Combine Two of the Greatest Things on the Internet

May 8, 2015 By Megan Berman 0

Kittens are arguably one of the best parts of the Internet. Internet culture experts say that their inherent adorable-yet-wildness is the perfect distraction from our crazy, hectic lives…

But what if you’re having a hard time, and you need something a little more than a cute distraction? What if you need a serious dose of encouragement, too?

Enter the greatest mashup the Internet has ever seen: Mister Rogers…and sweet, fluffy kittens.

Enjoy the feels…

Mister Rogers quote 5


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25 Pets Who Know How to Make the Most of Gorgeous Weather

May 8, 2015 By Megan Berman 0

As the weather warms up, we humans tend to gaze longingly out the windows of our offices and dream of making it outside. But when the time comes to actually experience the great outdoors, we shrug it off in favor of our screens.

This Spring and Summer, let’s take a page out of our pets’ books and really take advantage of the sunshine!

These critters sure do know how to enjoy themselves outside…

This fluffy Pomeranian decided to take the afternoon off and go for a bike ride!


Image: Reddit

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Teen Uses Everyday Objects And Transforms Them Into Astonishingly Creative Art

May 5, 2015 By Megan Berman 0

25 Pets Who Know How to Make the Most of Gorgeous Weather

May 2, 2015 By Megan Berman 0