38 of the Cutest Geriatrics You’ve Ever Seen

Jun 9, 2015 By Megan Berman 0

Don’t get us wrong, babies are adorable (and your baby is definitely the cutest on the face of the planet). But…don’t you sometimes think they kinda look like old people? Maybe just a little bit?

Between the baldness, the lack of teeth, and the wrinkles, it’s kinda hard not to see them wearing sweater vests and riding electric scooters…

This baby who keeps telling you the same story over and over again.


Via: Reddit

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17-Year-Old Combines Everyday Objects Into Gorgeous Art

Jun 9, 2015 By Megan Berman 0

You may want to look twice at some of the ordinary objects around your house after you’ve seen Kristián Mensa’s astonishing illustrations…

His delightful doodles transform flowers, combs, pins, cutlery, and other mundane things we look at every day, with the flick of a pen. Mensa riffs on technology, art, and pop culture with an incredibly imaginative perspective…
The 17 year old artist, who hails from the Czech Republic, channels his inner child by seeing everyday things in a new, fantastical light.

Here are some of our favorite doodles by Mensa — who knows? Maybe they’ll inspire you to create something incredible!

Flower Gramophone


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50 Amazing Pictures Taken At Just the Right Moment

May 29, 2015 By Abby Heugel 0

A picture is said to be worth 1,000 words, but sometimes there are those that simply leave you speechless.

Whether it’s because a photographer was both talented and patient enough to wait for the perfect shot or because the stars aligned for that once-in-a-lifetime spontaneous photo, it leaves you shaking your head in wonder — like these 50 photos…

One man’s trash is another chipmunk’s reading material.


Via: Michael Higgins

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This Heartbreaking Story of a Dog’s Loyalty Turns Absolutely Beautiful In An Instant

May 26, 2015 By Scott Neumyer 0

Dogs are called “man’s best friend” for a reason. They are steadfastly loyal and will go to great lengths to stick by their human’s side.

Well, get the Kleenex out because you’re about to see just how loyal a dog can be…

(It only makes matters worse that the video uses Michael Giacchino’s score from the beginning of the Pixar movie Up, which everyone knows is one of the saddest movie montages of all time…)