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Category: Science & Nature

A Massive Asteroid You Never Heard About Skimmed Past Earth in What NASA Is Calling a ‘Near Miss’ — on Christmas Day

Donald Trump Thinks Climate Change Is a Myth Because It’s Cold Outside Right Now

Military Intelligence Officials at the Pentagon Just Acknowledged the Existence of Aliens

Staffers Shocked After Poop Erupts from a Water Fountain at the Environmental Protection Agency

Not Only Is ‘Dead Butt Syndrome’ a Real Thing, You Probably Have It

These Are the 9 Definitive Reasons Mosquitoes Bite You More Often Than Your Friends

There Are Multiple Wildfires Raging in Los Angeles Right Now and the Footage Is Jaw-Dropping

These Are the 10 Craziest Myths About the Human Body That Science Has Disproven

This Heartbreaking Photo Shows the Progression of Alzheimer’s Through the Art of Crochet

This Guy Turned a Furby Into an Amazon Echo and the Results Will Haunt Your Dreams

Through a Hilarious Series of Question, Reddit Helped This Guy Figure Out He May Have Contracted a Parasite