You’re About to Feel Really Sorry for a Housefly

Dec 7, 2014 By Abraham 0

If you were to list the creatures on earth that warrant our pity and concern, flies probably wouldn’t make the cut. In fact, you probably kill them as often as you can.

Still, you’ll feel bad for these two as you watch them die on a bug zapper…in slow motion.

Romantic Nerd Secretly Tracks His Heart Rate As He Proposes

Dec 3, 2014 By Abraham 0

It is both a thrilling and stressful experience to ask a person to marry you. A million questions are swirling around in your mind making the day leading up to the big ask much more nerve-wracking than an ordinary day…

What should I say? Will I remember to say it? Am I going to lose the ring? Will they say yes?

All this must have a physical effect, like a raised heart rate at minimum, right? Redditor Sesipikai decided to check.

On a recent trip to Rome, he planned to ask his girlfriend to marry him. While some men might try to get a photographer to clandestinely capture the moment, he decided to document and commemorate his proposal even more creatively — with a secret heart monitor.

Throughout the day in question, he secretly tracked his beats per minute with a heart rate belt. Then, after he came down from the high, he exported the resulting data as an xml file and created this adorably nerdy graph in Excel…

Heart Rate During Marriage Proposal - 01

Heart Rate During Marriage Proposal - 02

Don’t worry, his resting heart rate is much lower than this chart would suggest. He notes…

I did try measure my heart rate in the office. It’s about 60ish. The whole day was walking and thinking, so the mean is quite elevated.

And not just that. He says…

That ring burns your pocket like there’s no tomorrow. I have a new found respect for Mister Frodo after that day.

This Is How People in Winnipeg Have Fun When the Temp Drops to -29

Nov 23, 2014 By Joey 0

Average low temperatures in Winnipeg, Manitoba, are -2 degrees Fahrenheit, but an extreme cold snap can deliver bitter arctic temperatures.

When the thermometer dipped to -29 degrees last March, one family hooked their hose up to a hot water heater and turned on the sprinkler for some fantastic Canadian fun…

Via: DPF

Insane Images from Buffalo, New York, Where They’re Under 6 Feet of Snow

Nov 20, 2014 By Joey 0

In an average year, Buffalo, New York, gets about 84 inches of snow. This year is going to be…different.

For their first snowfall of the year Tuesday and Wednesday, New York’s second largest city received a stunning 72 inches of snow.

With another 10 to 20 inches of snow forecast to fall today, here’s what residents of South Buffalo have been dealing with…

The forecast made it clear that Canada would be the better place to live…

Buffalo Snow 2


Only 1-8 inches fell in North Buffalo while the southern portion of the city got pounded…

Buffalo Snow 3

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Why Rivers Curve — So Simple, but Incredibly Fascinating…

Nov 20, 2014 By Abraham 0

Rivers flowing along plains do not do so in a straight line. That’s obvious. But do you know why? And did you know that the way they curve back and forth is predictable?

Enjoy a quick and fascinating education about something you didn’t even know to wonder about…