21 of the Deadliest Surf Spots in the World You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Apr 27, 2015 By Megan Berman 0

The only surfing experience most people have ever had is second-hand at best — who here didn’t see Blue Crush when it came out in 2002? But those swells were nothing compared to the gnarly, powerful, and downright scary spots on this list…

Banzai Pipeline

Located on the north shore of Oahu, Pipeline is the deadliest wave in the world.

Powerful waves break mere yards from the shore, over a jagged coral reef that has impaled surfers.


Via: Transworld Surf

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Baby Sees Dandelion Blowing for the First Time and Thinks It’s HILARIOUS

Apr 27, 2015 By Scott Neumyer 0

When you’re a child, the simplest things can see amazing and hilarious.

Popular YouTuber Tom Fletcher took his son Buzz out for a walk and showed him how to blow dandelions. Just wait until you see this adorable kid’s reaction…

15 Things You Can Do With the Goat You Rented From Amazon (Yes, This Is a Real Thing)

Apr 24, 2015 By Scott Neumyer 0

According to USA Today, you can now officially rent some goats from Amazon.com. They will graze and clean up your lawn in a way you’ve never experienced before.

But what if that’s not all you could do with the little adorable creatures? Sure, Amazon wants to give you a highly controlled landscaping experience, but who would know if you just snuck your baby goat out for a few hours of fun?

Let’s close our eyes and imagine…

Take your goat to the park.

What could possibly be more fun than showing up at the park with a baby goat? Bonus points if you take it to the local dog park and cause a ruckus.


Image: Shutterstock

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Paralyzed Girl SHOCKS Nurse By NOT Being Paralyzed Anymore

Apr 23, 2015 By Scott Neumyer 0

When Bailey suddenly became completely paralyzed from the waist down, her doctors had no explanation as to why it happened. She stayed that way for a long eleven days.

On the twelfth day, however, she woke up and miraculously started walking again. When one of her favorite nurses came on her shift for the day, she got to witness something she likely never thought she would see.

Get your Kleenex ready!

This Guy Loves Sharks So Much He Gave Them Their Own Personalities…and It’s Hilarious

Apr 21, 2015 By Scott Neumyer 0

We all have our obsessions, right? For some people, it might be spiders or snakes, but for Alexander the Swell, it’s sharks.

He loves them so much that he decided to flip through one of his many shark books and give each on their own personalities. The results are hilarious (especially the “dork in gym class” shark). Ha!

25 Simple Garden Tricks That Will Turn Your Thumbs Green in NO Time

Apr 20, 2015 By Abby Heugel 0

It’s that time of year when the snow is finally gone and you can start thinking about all the ways you’re going to turn yourself into a green thumb expert this Summer — or just hoping your humble plot of land doesn’t become a horticultural hospice.

Gardening doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive and, as these 25 tips and tricks show, sometimes it’s the simplest things that can make the biggest difference.

Make biodegradable seedling posts out of toilet paper or paper towel rolls.

We’ve all got them, so why not put them to use and get your seedlings started off on the right foot?

Make four cuts on the bottom of the tube so you can fold them up and form a solid base on the bottom.

Place them in a container that won’t get soggy, fill them with potting soil and seeds, and in about two to four weeks your seeds will be ready to transport and plant.


Via: Earth 911

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21 of the Deadliest Surf Spots in the World You Might Not Have Heard Of

Apr 16, 2015 By Megan Berman 0