British Embassy celebrates burning down the White House, humorless Americans demand apology

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When Deputy British Ambassador to the U.S. Patrick Davies wrote an article last week commemorating the 200th anniversary of the British troops burning the White House, he noted the peaceful relationship that has existed between the two allies since then for nearly two centuries.

“Needless to say, we’ve put the events of August 1814 far behind us,” he declared.

What happened in August of 1814, you ask? Here’s a reminder…

White House on Fire

That’s right, they burned down the White House.

Two years ago, British Prime Minister David Cameron met President Barack Obama at the “new” White House and they exchanged jokes about the event. Obama noted that the Brits “really lit the place up,” with Cameron responding that “you’ve got the place a little better defended today. You’re clearly not taking any risks with the Brits this time.”

So when Davies tweeted a joke about the fire that destroyed the home occupied by President James Madison, it appeared to be a simple, hilarious continuation of the friendly relationship between the two nations…

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 1.03.17 PM

Of course, the light-hearted nature of Davies’ tweet was a bit out of place in Washington, a city that’s not exactly known for being laid back or humorous. Several people immediately recognized the risk Davies took in posting the cheeky tweet…

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Little boy is NOT happy Mom is pregnant…but he keeps his lecture respectful

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Trey thinks two kids is more than enough for his mom to handle, and he has no problem giving his opinion about her pregnancy announcement. Still, despite how frustrating Mom is being, he treats her with respect.

Good kid…

(via Tastefully Offensive)

Little girl insists she didn’t eat the donut, can’t explain chocolate on her face. Hilarious…

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This young lady is perhaps lying just a little bit. Her brother, on the other hand, has no problem being perfectly honest about his crime…

Indians add one letter to “Ice Bucket Challenge” and make it infinitely better

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In a twist on the Ice Bucket Challenge, many people in India are saving water and serving their community one bowl of food at a time. Instead of the Ice Bucket Challenge, they’ve modified it to the Rice Bucket Challenge. Thousands are participating in this simple and wonderful adaptation.

The movement’s new Facebook page, describes their version of the challenge…

Rice Bucket Challenge

Manju Latha Kalanidhi, the woman whose idea this was, describes where it came from…

[P]eople dumping water on themselves, shrieking, taking videos, the whole idea sort of went over my head…. I felt that as Indians we could not connect to it at some level.

The Rice Bucket Challenge is her effort to keep the charitable momentum that is happening all over the world going in India, too, but in a way that Indians might relate to more.

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Woman’s drunk rant about men recorded and lip-synced…as a TED talk

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When this guy’s cousin got a bit inebriated recently, he decided to record the result in order to share with her the wisdom of her ramblings the next day. But then instead of just emailing her the audio, he gave it the treatment it deserved.

He turned it into a TED Talk…

What it’s like to be targeted by 15 Hamas rockets…then watch your missile defense system work

August 26, 2014 | 12 comments

If you’ve wondered what it’s like to live in a war zone where you’re under constant threat of attack, this is a small slice of daily life for those caught in the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

An Israeli on the ground captured fellow residents running towards bomb shelters as warning sirens blared. When 15 rockets are fired by Hamas simultaneously, residents are left to hope Israel’s Iron Dome defense system works…

Tiny dilapidated space becomes 4-year-old’s “secret treasure room.” Best birthday present ever!

August 26, 2014 | 5 comments

When Sarah Goer and her husband moved into their house two years ago, they discovered a secret room attached to their toddler’s bedroom…

Secret Room 2

The door into the room was just 2 by 4 feet, small enough for Sarah to conceal with a dresser so her son didn’t even know it existed.

The old room had 7 by 12 feet of floor space, but was made even more cramped due to the steep pitch of the roof where it stood. Left in a state of neglect for years, the old wood paneling on the walls was beginning to fall apart, leaving a useless space that wasn’t safe for a young child to be playing in…

Secret Room 3

Secret Room 4

Secret Room 5

Last year, Sarah and her husband decided to turn the space into a play room for their son’s 4th birthday. They hired a contractor who tore out the linoleum and wood paneling, replacing it with wood laminate and drywall…

Secret Room 6

Then, Sarah added her own decorative touch to the space…

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Little kid can do literally anything (since his dad is an awesome CGI artist)

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In a new compilation of “Action Movie Kid,” animator and digital effect artist Daniel Hashimoto brings his and his son’s imagination to life in wonderfully “realistic” action scenes…

Previously… Dad makes awesome 15-second action movies with his 3-year-old and impressive CGI