32 Hilariously Translated Signs That Prove English Is Hard

Jan 5, 2015 By Joey 0

It’s hardly fair to laugh at a bad translation…but we’re going to anyway.

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This 6-year-old’s Spelling Test Is Funny, But the Excuse He Gave His Teacher Is Even Better

Nov 13, 2014 By Abraham 0

Grayson was recently sent home with his latest spelling test. For the test, he was required to use each word in a sentence. Without being instructed, Grayson used this as an opportunity to write a 6-sentence story that is commendable for both its continuity and its profound grasp of scatological humor.

Even better than his sentences, though, is the excuse he gave his teacher for his choice of topics.

Grayson's Spelling Quiz

To explain his son’s awesome Vitamin D remark, Grayson’s dad says

Honestly I have no idea. The kid spends his chore money on things like visual encyclopedias of human anatomy and chooses science documentaries over cartoons. The things he comes up with are constantly surprising me.