32 Hilariously Translated Signs That Prove English Is Hard

Jan 5, 2015 By Joey 0

It’s hardly fair to laugh at a bad translation…but we’re going to anyway.

Via: Engrish, Dose, Ultimate Signspotting

If You Thought Only Your Parents Texted Like This, You Were Hilariously Wrong

Dec 10, 2014 By Megan Berman 1

Parents just don’t understand…how to properly use their new-fangled fancy phone technology.

OK, some of them do, but there are plenty of us who regularly roll our eyes at their hilarious mistakes. Or in some cases, terrible dad jokes.

To be fair, though, autocorrect is a butch…


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This 6-year-old’s Spelling Test Is Funny, But the Excuse He Gave His Teacher Is Even Better

Nov 13, 2014 By Abraham 0

Grayson was recently sent home with his latest spelling test. For the test, he was required to use each word in a sentence. Without being instructed, Grayson used this as an opportunity to write a 6-sentence story that is commendable for both its continuity and its profound grasp of scatological humor.

Even better than his sentences, though, is the excuse he gave his teacher for his choice of topics.

Grayson's Spelling Quiz

To explain his son’s awesome Vitamin D remark, Grayson’s dad says

Honestly I have no idea. The kid spends his chore money on things like visual encyclopedias of human anatomy and chooses science documentaries over cartoons. The things he comes up with are constantly surprising me.

45 Times Starbucks Barely Even Tried to Spell Your Names Right

Nov 11, 2014 By Joey 1

Sometimes your Starbucks barista is so confounded by your name, they don’t even try…


Starbucks Misspellings 8 Margaux Marabcdefgh

Other times, they put in an effort but still come up short…


Starbucks Misspellings 1 Caesar Sisor

Of course, any one of us would fail just as miserably if we spent our days hearing strangers’ names and writing them down, which is why we can laugh at these fantastic misspellings from baristas who either just didn’t know or just didn’t care…


Starbucks Misspellings 14 Kat Meow

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This Kid Never Said the N-word Around His Mom…Till He Got His Wisdom Teeth Out

Nov 4, 2014 By Abraham 0

This is not just another post-anesthesia video. Those are funny, but they’re also often pretty predictable.

This, this is a whole new level of funny.

From the description…

This hilarious video is of my son Cameron after getting his wisdom teeth removed. Although he’s 18, I had NEVER heard my son say a swear nor say the “N” word in my presence until this day!

And boy did he bring it all out!

He starts out talking about his “shaky, stanky, wanky leg” and it just gets better from there…

(NSFW language, obviously)