How to Say “No” Like an Australian

Oct 20, 2014 By Abraham 2

The word “No” seems simple enough. Just two letters, and therefore two sounds, right?

Not if you’re Australian.

At a panel discussion a few years ago, Zachary Levi explained how he learned to imitate an Australian saying the surprisingly complicated word…

Via: Reddit

And if you’re looking for a perfect example, here you go.

Brits and Americans Spell Differently Because of One Guy Who Didn’t Like England

Oct 8, 2014 By Joey 2

If you’ve ever wondered why Americans and Brits disagree on how to spell words like “center/centre” or “color/colour,” this video is for you.

It turns out that as the idea of “correct” spelling was first evolving a mere 250 years ago or so, there happened to be a fair amount of rancor between America and Britain, and one powerful lexicographer made sure that was permanently documented in America’s orthography…

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After Graduating from Yale, This Guy Completely Quit Talking and Went for a 9,000-mile Walk

Oct 3, 2014 By Megan Berman 6

For one year, 23-year-old Yale grad Greg Hindy didn’t utter a single word. Not when he became lost in a snowstorm in Zion National Park, or even when he collapsed of food poisoning in Salt Lake City and was brought to the hospital.

Greg HIndy

Hindy had taken on a vow of silence: for 365 days, he would trek across the United States without using any technology, relying on the kindness of strangers…

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Doctors baffled when Australian wakes from his coma…speaking fluent Mandarin

Sep 10, 2014 By Megan Berman 1

When Ben McMahon woke from a coma two years ago, he was just happy to be alive. Speaking fluent Mandarin was just a bonus..

I wasn’t consciously thinking I was speaking Mandarin, it was what just came out and it was what was most natural to me.

The strange part? Ben wasn’t fluent in Mandarin before the car accident that put him in the coma. He had studied Mandarin and French in high school, but he says it never really “clicked.” Most of us who took a foreign language in school can relate. Studying it and knowing it are completely different.

Ben McMahon

But once awoken from his coma, he was able to speak and write Mandarin with near-native fluency.

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