Instagram Star Edits Photos to Expose Dark Side of Social Media

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Did You Know These 20 Celebrities Were Adopted?

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While the current status of celebrities is often in the headlines on a daily basis, you don’t always know what went on in the years before they were famous or the people they grew up with.

For these stars, they weren’t actually raised by their biological parents. Sometimes a family member adopted them, and other times it was a family that found them through the system.

From a computer genius to an iconic screen siren, here’s a list of the stars who found family in unexpected ways.

Marilyn Monroe

Born Norma Jeane Mortenson in 1926, Monroe’s mother was mentally unstable and financially unable to care for her, so she placed her with foster parents whom she lived with until she was 7. After a series of foster homes, she eventually married a neighbor, James Dougherty, after she turned 16 so that she wouldn’t have to return to foster care or an orphanage.


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Halloween Hidden Camera Shows Just How Honest Trick-or-Treating Kids Really Are

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On Halloween, we put a bowl of candy out for trick-or-treaters with a sign asking that they only take one. Little did they know that their honesty (or lack of it) was being documented by our hidden camera.

Watch and see whether kids these days are honest, or…not so much. You’ll be surprised.

25 Hilarious College Hacks You Won’t Learn in Class

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There’s a reason that the “broke college student” stereotype exists, and that’s because most college students are broke from paying for college.

But, as they say, necessity is the mother of invention, and these college kids got creative with the resources that they had…as questionable as they might be.

It does a body good.


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20 Famous Transgender Celebrities

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Bruce Jenner made headlines this year by publicly announcing his transition into a woman, Caitlyn Jenner, and opened the door for discussion about transgendered people of all types — not just celebrities.

And while Jenner’s is certainly the most public transition to date, there are others in the industry who have been blazing their own trails of transition.

Caitlyn Jenner

As mentioned, this former Olympian and reality star made the official announcement of transitioning from Bruce to Caitlyn in 2015.


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This Dog HILARIOUSLY Photobombs His Owners’ Engagement Shoot

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This is Louie the dachshund.


His hobbies include chasing balls, chewing on bones, snuggling up with owner Megan Determan, and playing in piles of leaves.

Determan bought Louie for her 25th birthday, which was two years before her fiancé Chris Kluthe came into the picture, and Louie sometimes has a bit of trouble sharing her affection.

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30 Times Real Life Advice Changed How Someone Thought Forever

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There is no shortage of inspirational advice out there (especially on the Internet) and we’re often bombarded with so much noise that it’s hard to absorb every drop of knowledge. But there are times that someone said something that forever changed your way of thinking and forced you to shift your perspective. Those gems that you soaked up like a sponge can help shape who you are.

People in this Reddit thread shared those things that changed their thoughts and even changed their lives.

Simple Advice 1

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21 Pictures of the World’s Most Powerful People When They Were Young

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40 People Who Have Worse Exes Than You

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