Mom Records Her 4-Year-Old Daughter’s Brutally Honest Accidental Insults

Oct 3, 2014 By Joey White 1

Every parent has to listen to blunt — if often unintentional — insults from their kids, and author Johanna Stein is no exception. What makes her different from most of us is she attached a camera to her head and recorded all of her daughter’s honest observations, creating this supercut that every parent can relate to…

The video was a promotion for the author’s latest book, How Not to Calm a Child on a Plane: And Other Lessons in Parenting from a Highly Questionable Source. We assume there’s a whole chapter on letting insults from your kids roll off your back, because Johanna takes it like a champ.

This Is the Pregnancy Time-lapse Video That All Others Must Now Live Up To. Amazing…

Oct 3, 2014 By Joey White 0

Rather than make a simple time-lapse of the expectant mother’s profile like many others have done before, Sarah Penna and her husband Joe created a full-blown stop-motion video of her pregnancy.

After 10 months of hard work, this is the silly and incredible result…

Via: Design Taxi

When a Detective Learned These Boys’ Secret, He Took On a Case That Will Last the Rest of His Life

Oct 2, 2014 By Megan Berman 1

Jack Mook is a hardboiled detective of the first order…with a heart of gold. As a bachelor, he has more free time than a family man, and spends lots of it volunteering at the Steel City Gym teaching boxing to underprivileged kids.

Most of the kids who come in this gym are street kids. Many of them have been born into poverty.

Two of those kids, 11-year old Jessee and his 15 year-old brother Josh, had really bonded with Mook. So three years ago, when they stopped showing up at the gym one day, he went looking for them. And he didn’t like what he found…

They have had it as worse as any other kid that’s ever lived in the city of Pittsburgh, living conditions wise. And I had enough of it.

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British dad goes back to absolute basics in last ditch effort to train slob teenagers

Oct 1, 2014 By Joey White 0

When Will Reid made a video teaching his kids how to change the toilet paper roll, they rolled their eyes at their ridiculous dad.

I jokingly said to my kids that I would post it wider if they didn’t start being more tidy. They said to go ahead, as I wasn’t funny and no one would be interested.

Over 4 million views later, the joke is squarely on the kids.

Now Reid has made another instructional video, dryly teaching his messy kids how to load a dishwasher…

Dad and technician shocked by what happens when little boy’s cast is removed

Sep 30, 2014 By Abraham 3

A couple days ago, this 6-year-old was finally able to get his full leg cast removed. When it was first put on several weeks ago, his dad reports that “he was very depressed — thought it was the end of the world.”

So, needless to say, the youngster is relieved to have it off. Very relieved.

And I can promise you that what happens after the saw turns off is not at all what you’re expecting…

(NSFW language)

Via: Reddit

Every oldest kid in a big family will relate to this boy’s despair at hearing mom’s having twins

Sep 30, 2014 By Abraham 3

When these three boys learn that their mom is not just pregnant, but pregnant with twins, their reactions are priceless. The youngest is delighted, the middle son doubts, and the oldest — poor kid — is absolutely despairing.

Could life be any worse than this? How could mom and dad do this?

But don’t worry. When you hear what his main concern about twins joining the family is, you won’t feel so bad for him. He’s going to be fine…

The perfect, pre-surgery pep talk this 4-year-old with cancer got from her NFL dad, Devon Still

Sep 26, 2014 By Abraham 1

A few weeks ago, Devon Still was cut from the Cincinnati Bengals’ lineup because he hadn’t been able to make it to practices. But his excuse could not have been better.

His daughter is fighting cancer and he is spending as much time as possible with her…

Devon Still - 01

Yesterday, he brought her in for her latest round of treatments and gave her this adorable pep talk on the way

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