Ask any parent of twins… Yes, bedtime is actually this hilariously terrible

August 4, 2014 | 7 comments

21-year-old Henriette Jonassen wasn’t convinced that splitting her 2-year-old twins into separate rooms would help them fall asleep faster, as her friend suggested.  But she was willing to try it.

Fortunately, she thought to setup a camera first…

Is Stephen Colbert’s advice to teenage girls offensively old-fashioned or just common sense?

August 4, 2014 | No comments

The folks at Rookie, a magazine and website for teenage girls, recently asked Stephen Colbert to answer a few questions for a segment they called “Ask a Grown Man.”

He agreed, and without any of the brazen overconfidence of his television persona, he offered some heartfelt thoughts in response to questions from several young women.

The second question (beginning at about 2:25) is from a 19-year-old asking how to convince her dad to let her stay over at her boyfriend’s house. Colbert’s response begins, “I’m going to disappoint you here.”…

These boys soil their shirts at school lunch so they can save mom’s amazing daily napkin art

August 3, 2014 | 1 comment

Sculptor Nina Levy began sketching drawings with a black Sharpie on her son Archer’s nursery school lunch napkins in September 2006. It didn’t take long before she ventured beyond just a black Sharpie…

Around 11 PM at Our House

Nina Levy Napkins 1

Eight years later, the sculptor from Brooklyn is still drawing on napkins for her sons Archer, now 11, and 7-year-old Ansel. Incredibly, she’s maintained this work of love every single day over the entire eight years.

Nina spends 1-2 hours each night on her drawings, taking inspiration from what her boys tell her they’d like to see when they go to bed. She eventually started a blog and Facebook page where she’s shared over 900 napkins online, but the hard copies are the property of her sons, who frequently save them. The young boys admit to using paper towels at school or just wiping their hands on their shirts to preserve their mom’s amazing work on the napkins.

Each napkin comes with a fun and inspiring message from Nina to her sons along with the drawings that range from soft and delicate to stronger themes that led one teacher to ask the artist to tone down her napkins.

We’ve included a few of Nina’s amazing works here, but be sure to check out her blog for more napkin drawings every day…

Fox with a Fish

Nina Levy Napkins 2

Kitty Water Gun Sniper

Nina Levy Napkins 8

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Wife refuses to pose for maternity photos, husband hires photographer and takes her place

July 29, 2014 | 2 comments

If you really want pictures of the pure, sacred beauty of pregnancy but your wife isn’t game, what’s there for a man to do other than hire a photographer and pose for them himself?

That’s what this guy figured anyway…

Introducing manternity pics

Manternity Photos - 01

Manternity Photos - 05

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When your child is scared at bedtime, calm her with pictures of monsters. Yes, for real…

July 28, 2014 | No comments

If your kids are already scared of monsters under the bed, it’s probably not the best idea to show them pictures of said monsters. But what if they get to see those horrid creatures getting inspiringly destroyed by other kids?

Photographer and digital artist Laure Fauvel’s series “Terrors” features brave children fighting back against bedtime bad guys and winning…

Children fighting monsters by Laure Fauvel - 03

Children fighting monsters by Laure Fauvel - 01

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When LeBron James isn’t being a superstar on the court, he’s being a normal dad…sort of

July 26, 2014 | No comments

When LeBron James goes to watch his 4th grade son LeBron Jr. play, it goes a little differently than when most other parents watch their kids on the court. James needs a section of seating roped off so he’s not bothered by fans and he gets to talk to Kentucky Wildcats head coach John Calipari.

But other than those minor details, he’s just another dad excited for his son, shouting encouragement and coaching from the bench…

Women celebrate an imminent baby with paintings on their pregnant bellies [20 pics]

July 17, 2014 | No comments

In addition to doing more typical commissioned paintings, English artist My Little Sweet-pea is available for “Bump Painting.” Dozens of women have hired her to create temporary body art for their pregnant bellies.

Some women choose children’s stories as their theme; others pick an image that signifies the life growing within them; and some just want a beautiful picture. Here are some examples…

Bump Painting by My Little Sweet-pea - 01

Bump Painting by My Little Sweet-pea - 10

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