This Crazy Mom’s Texts Are So Funny You Won’t Even Care How Awful She Is

Jan 26, 2015 By Abraham 0

Kate Siegel and her mom have a very close relationship.

Texts from a Crazy Mom - 21

And a key part of the ongoing communication that keeps them close is texting. Lots and lots of texting…

Texts from a Crazy Mom - 18

Sweet, right?

Of course. Because Kate’s mom is full of tenderness, patience, and acceptance.

OK, that’s not true at all. Fortunately, though, what she lacks in empathy and goodwill she makes up for with hilarious, unwanted life advice and general smart-assery, which Kate happily serves up on Instagram and Facebook for the rest of us to enjoy.

Check out her texts, laugh…and be glad she’s not your mom.

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These 9-month-old Twins Don’t Need an Adult to Play the Best Game of Peek-a-boo Ever

Jan 23, 2015 By Abraham 0

When the boy in this pair of 9-month-old twins discovered that the window curtain was within reach, he couldn’t resist grabbing it. And then he discovered that if he pulled it in front of his face he could make his sister disappear!

With his new skill, he began to put on a show. To say that his theatrics were received with much delight by his sister would be an understatement. What follows is the happiest game of peek-a-boo imaginable.

And mom didn’t have to do anything but record it…

This Smart-ass Dad Answered His 11-month-old’s Daycare Survey with Complete Honesty

Jan 23, 2015 By Abraham 0

Last year when little Emma was beginning a stint at a daycare, she and her parents were given a questionnaire to fill in so the staff could know a little more about her.

Since 11-month-old Emma hadn’t picked up even the most basic writing skills yet, Dad took it upon himself to fill in the answers for her…

Honest Daycare Survey1

Honest Daycare Survey - 1

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Are You Ready for Kids? Take This Simple (and Hilarious) Test…

Jan 19, 2015 By Abraham 0

Everybody knows having kids is a major commitment. But until you actually do it, there’s no way to know what exactly this commitment entails… Or is there?

Maybe it is possible to go into parenthood fully aware.

Parenting Pics - 01

Back in 1992, author Colin Falconer compiled a simple collection of tests for childless people to take in order to understand what awaits them should they choose the path of parenthood. A happy kid-free couple can try these simple exercises and they’ll know soon enough if they’re prepared for kids.

We all know that a “simple test” online rarely helps with major life decisions, but this one might be an exception.

Parenting Pics - 05


Are you ready to find out if you should become a parent?

First Up: Preparation for Women

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A Mom Apologizes to Her Baby for Parenting Fails with These Hilarious Notes

Jan 14, 2015 By Megan Berman 0

This Crazy Mom’s Texts Are So Funny You Won’t Even Care How Nosy and Controlling She Is

Jan 13, 2015 By Abraham 0

This Wife Adorably Shocked Her Husband in a Photo Booth with the Big News

Jan 10, 2015 By Abraham 0

When this woman found out she was pregnant she decided to wait almost a full week to tell her husband, because she had a fun idea for how to surprise him. Why not tell him in a photobooth at their favorite pizza place?

One happy husband and 5 million Youtube views later, it’s clear she made the right decision…