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Category: Parenting

13-Year-Old Girl Is Punished for Her Pro-LGBT Shirt After Her School Calls It ‘Distracting’

The Trendiest Name in U.S. History Is Definitely Not What You’d Expect

People Think This Disney T-Shirt Is Sending a Harmful Message to Young Girls

Mira Sorvino’s Dad Threatens To Kill Harvey Weinstein for Blacklisting His Daughter

Parents Are Claiming the Classical Nude Paintings This Teacher Shared with His Students Are ‘Pornographic’

People Are Accusing Sarah Michelle Gellar of ‘Child Abuse’ for Taking Her Son to Get a Manicure

HGTV’s Chip and Joanna Gaines Just Made a Huge Announcement About Their Family

Watch This Mom Hilariously Share the Realities of Pregnancy Using Only a Chalkboard

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Have Just Become the Victims of a Terrifying New Pedophile Conspiracy Theory — and Now They’re Fighting Back

Parents Are Horrified After Discovering That Makeup From This Famous Teen Retailer Contains Poisonous Asbestos

This Transgender Man Gave Birth to His Female Transgender Partner’s Baby in Perhaps the World’s Most Modern Family