These Are the 25 Most Powerful Militaries On Earth

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George Takei Took Down Trump’s Candidacy With This Brilliant Metaphor

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The Obama Family Has Picked Their New Home After the White House and It’s AMAZING

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Twitter Is Coming Up With Hilariously Genius #NewTrumpTVShows

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Many people are frustrated with the way this election season is shaping up, and one way to deal with frustration is with humor. That whole, “you have to laugh to keep from crying thing” that people try to convince you might actually work.

This Is What Donald Trump Quotes About Women Would Look Like as Inspirational Posters

May 23, 2016 By Abby Heugel 0

We’re not taking sides here at all, but it’s safe to say that this year’s presidential election features candidates that are pretty polarizing to most in the nation. And for those candidates, every single thing they’ve ever said gets brought up at any opportunity.

Then there’s Donald Trump, who appears to not only not care that what he says might not be politically correct, but also keeps piling it on.

If you need a few examples — especially you ladies out there — here are 11 of his quotes about women turned into “inspirational” posters.

Trump ‘Goes Hard’ When He Gets the Hilarious Songify Autotune Treatment

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These 18 Young Female Politicians Are Ushering In A New Era Across the Globe

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Voting Signs For People Who Are Totally Over This Year’s Presidential Election

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You can’t go anywhere these days without seeing some kind of political sign, so much so that they all blend together after a while. That is, unless you come across one of these creative approaches to expressing their political views.

We’re nonpartisan here, but you have to admit that some of them are pretty darn clever.

‘Everybody Sucks 2016’ Signs Are Sure To Garner Your Yard Some Attention

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Are you tired of this year’s election? Then, my Internet friend, here’s your sign — literally.

You Would Think Our Elected Officials Would Be Smarter, But Yet…

Apr 28, 2016 By 22 Words Staff 0

One would hope that elected officials would at least have the tools to write a coherent sentence or two explaining why they should be elected to represent the people. Apparently, one’s hopes would be dashed, as one Imgur user found out by looking through the Official California Voter Info Guide that has the list of nominees for US Senate.

Each candidate got to write a paragraph about themselves and, after reading the whole thing, the user concluded that most of these people “shouldn’t be trusted with scissors, yet alone a Senate position.”

To prove his point, he got out the old red pen and did a little grading himself.

Elaine Benes Asked Bernie Sanders a Question On SNL and Yada, Yada, Yada

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