Little boy adorably comforts a scared classmate on her first day at a new preschool

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Little Anita was understandably overwhelmed on her first day of preschool in Taiwan, so she turned to her classmate Alston for comfort. Five times he assured her, “You don’t need to worry, I’ll protect you,” as he worked tirelessly to help his new classmate rest easy in a sweet interaction that one of their teachers managed to capture on camera…

(via The Daily What)

The video was reportedly taken three years ago but was only just released after the children graduated from the school and the parents granted their permission.

Comedian hilariously delivers every maid of honor speech ever given

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Comic Owen Weber delivers a dramatic impression that summarizes so many maid of honor speeches we’ve all heard over the years…

Adorable toddler’s best friend is his rescue dog, and they’re ridiculously cute together [21 pics]

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Three years ago, Jake and Devin Crouch adopted Toby, a rescue dog. After their son Carter was born a year and a half later, Devin started taking photos of her son with the family’s dog…

Carter Toby 19

In an effort to encourage others to adopt rescue dogs, Devin began posting her photos to Instagram. Nearly two years later, she’s amassed over 14,000 followers and is still regularly posting pictures of the adorable best friends.

We’ve included some of our favorite snapshots below, but be sure to check out @carterandtoby for more photos of the irresistible pair…

Carter Toby 05

Carter Toby 09

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A group of bikers attack a motorist in Russia — then things take a wonderfully unexpected turn

July 2, 2014 | 1 comment

When a car came in close contact with a motorcycle, the group of bikers accompanying the motorcyclist surrounded the car and got into a heated confrontation with its driver.

Fortunately, the tense standoff ended thanks to a surprising turn of events around 1:30 into the video…

Awkwardly honest cards say what you’re actually thinking on special occasions [6 pics]

June 27, 2014 | No comments

When illustrator Emily McDowell created this hilariously awkward Valentine’s Day card last year, she couldn’t have imagined the attention it would receive…

Emily McDowell 1

After Etsy posted McDowell’s Valentine’s card on their Facebook page, it went viral, enabling her to expand her business to include more greeting cards and other products.

She also added to her Valentine’s card with this hilarious line of cards called Awkward Cards. We can only hope this is the beginning of many more of these fantastic awkward cards…

Awkward birthday card

Emily McDowell 2

Awkward love card

Emily McDowell 3

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Veteran moved to tears by $70,000 gift waiting for him when he returns home

June 18, 2014 | 1 comment

Jacinto Bernardo Homecoming

Jacinto Bernardo has been in the Marines for 21 years, and for that whole time he and his family have lived in military housing, relocating every couple years. But last January he and his wife bought a house in preparation for his retirement. Somewhere to finally settle down.

But the house they bought was a fixer-upper to put it nicely. They knew when they bought it that once they were able to move in, it would require a lot of work, but as his wife noted, “We chose it because it was the only thing we can afford.”

For the last several months of Bernardo’s service he and his family have been stationed abroad. During that time, he asked his friend Jeremy Epperson to watch their new home for them until they could come and take residence there and start the major task of rehabbing it.

Epperson did much more than keep an eye on it…

Not wanting his friend to come home to a house in that condition, Epperson gathered donations and volunteers from Bernardo’s new community and arranged to have all the remodeling and updates done — totaling $70,000 — so that when Bernardo and his family arrived, they could move into their dream home instead of the mess they were expecting…

(Read more at KHON and Daily Republic.)

Through tears, Bernardo humbly expressed his gratitude, saying that those who’ve lost their lives or who were unable to come home in one piece are the ones who really deserve this lavish generosity.

Widow saves sidewalk where husband scrawled his love in wet concrete…52 years ago at age 12

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Shortly after a preteen David Hewitt met Sissy at a mutual friend’s “boy-girl party,” he scrawled “David + Sissy” in wet concrete near the Charleston, South Carolina, homes where they lived two doors down from one another. That 12-year-old’s infatuation turned to love over the course of their teens and the two were married less than a decade later.

During their years together, they would occasionally come back to the fateful sidewalk where he first proclaimed his love to her…

Concrete Love Note 2

But sadly, after 38 years of marriage, cancer took David in 2008.

Recently the Hewitts’ daughter noticed construction tape surrounding her family’s favorite sidewalk. She immediately got in touch with City Hall to make sure the memento wasn’t lost. The city allowed her family to cut the block out and movie it to Sissy’s home…

Concrete Love Note

Sissy now has her husband’s first public declaration of love resting on a walkway between her garage and house as a constant reminder of the love they shared for so many years.

(via The Post and Courier)

8th grader carries his 7-year-old brother 40 miles to raise money for fight against cerebral palsy

June 12, 2014 | No comments

Hunter Gandee isn’t even in high school yet, but the young boy is mature beyond his years. In an effort to raise money to benefit cerebral palsy, Hunter created the Cerebral Palsy Swagger.

The event was simple — Hunter would walk 40 miles while carrying his 7-year-old brother Braden, who has cerebral palsy. No one really knew if Hunter could accomplish it or if Braden could endure the long ride, but on Sunday, they found out…

Dads cause unknown pain with this one small mistake…but NFL coach Jim Harbaugh’s wife can help

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There is an epidemic affecting fathers across the country that they don’t even know is hurting them and that many women feel helpless to fight on their own. But now wives and mothers no longer have to struggle alone.

Sarah Harbaugh, wife of professional football coach Jim Harbaugh, knows their pain all too personally. But unlike so many others languishing in silent unhappiness, she has found the answer.

And she’s here to share it…