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Category: Religion

Ellen Degeneres Kicked This Singer off Her Show After She Made Horrible Homophobic Comments

This Is the Fascinating Way Evangelical Christian Women Are Dealing With Sexual Assault in Their Churches

American Couple Arrested for Committing THIS Disrespectful Act at Buddhist Temple in Thailand

This Mom Says Her Children Are Being Bullied at School for Not Being Christian

Even Avowed Racists Are Condemning What Trump Tweeted This Morning

This Catholic Statue Was so Unintentionally Obscene, It Had to Be Covered Up

This San Jose Church Was Just Accused of Not-So-Secretly Selling Marijuana to Its Congregation

Here’s Why This Man Offered to Donate Custom Caskets for All the Texas Shooting Victims

Everyone at This Joel Osteen Event Was Completely Hoodwinked by a Joel Osteen Impersonator

Trump Doesn’t Know What the Term ‘Judeo-Christian’ Means

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Are Refusing to Give Their Kids Christmas Presents This Year — Here’s Why