This Brilliant Teacher Isn’t Allowed to Teach Proper Condom Use. Look What He Does Instead…

Jan 23, 2015 By Abraham 0

A Mississippi law passed in 2012 restricted teachers from teaching condom use in sex ed classes. In response, educator and education reform advocate Sanford Johnson developed a simple (and pretty funny) workaround:

Socks Education

Whether you’re wearing an athletic shoe, or whether you’re using a dress shoe, it doesn’t matter to me as long as your foot is protected…. Make sure that you have on a sock.

Confused on proper sock use?

Let Mr. Johnson demonstrate before you engage in any further shoe activity…

Via: Reddit

These 3 Guys Seem to Be Handling Brooklyn’s Gentrification Pretty Well

Jan 21, 2015 By Abraham 0

Three friends from Bushwick, Brooklyn hang out on a corner and discuss what they’ve been up to. They’re dealing with the changes in their neighborhood pretty well, considering.

OK, maybe not Kevin Hart’s character, but nobody’s perfect…

Ellen Replies to a Homophobic Pastor About Her REAL Hidden Agenda

Jan 15, 2015 By Abraham 0

In a recent column abrasively titled “Are You Aware of the Avalanche of Gay Programming Assaulting Your Home?”, minister and author Larry Tomczak tries to defend the tired notion of a shifty and insidious “gay agenda.” He goes so far as to say that “LGBTQ advocates are extremely deceptive, sophisticated and strategic in working to lead a generation over the cliff to destruction.”

Of course, according to him, one of these crafty evildoers’ main strategies is infiltrating movies and television. Among the laundry list of shows that are apparently overwhelmed with gays, he mentions Ellen…

Larry Tomczak's Ellen Quote

And now Ellen has responded in gloriously Ellenesque fashion, discussing what “all us gays do” and explaining what her actual agenda is…

It Feels Impossible to Change People’s Anti-vaccine Attitudes, But Here’s Another Go…

Dec 29, 2014 By Abraham 7

Despite the facts surrounding vaccination being widely available and entirely substantiated, there is an unfortunate and, it seems, increasing trend toward rejecting them. And even though it feels like the sorts of folks who are anti-vaccine won’t be convinced by anything, it doesn’t hurt to keep on restating reality.

To do the honors this time around is Popular Science cartoonist Maki Naro

Vaccines Work, by Maki Naro - 01

Vaccines Work, by Maki Naro - 02

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What If Everyone in Manhattan Had to Flee for Their Lives? It’s Worse Than That…

Dec 23, 2014 By Promoted Content 0

The largest refugee crisis since World War II is happening right now.

Slavery, Isis, beheadings and crucifixions. Just a few of the nightmares Syrian families are fleeing their homes from. In just three days, Turkey took in more Syrian refugees than Europe has in three years. Violence from the Assad regime has forced ten million people from their homes – that’s half the country – and more than 3 million out of the country itself. There are now 3.3 million refugees, and over half are children.

Take a moment and consider that Manhattan has just over 1.5 million inhabitants. Imagine them all having to flee. This video may help…

That’s what’s happening in Syria.

And of course, neighboring countries have borne the brunt of the war by taking in these millions. But now, they can’t keep up. In some of the poorest communities in the Middle East, the strain on resources has made life nearly unbearable.

Lebanon has welcomed 1,600,000 refugees, swelling its population by 36%. While at last count the UK had only resettled 54.

The statistics are shocking, but they don’t tell the individual stories of those so personally affected. They don’t tell Dalya’s story – a mother of four who had to sell her asthma medication to pay rent. Or Khalida’s story, another mother of four who was hit by a sniper and paralysed from the neck down. For them, every day is a fight for survival.

We in the international community are not yet stepping up to meet these needs as well as we could. Millions do not have enough to eat, fuel to keep warm, or a safe place to lay their heads.

To make a small but important difference in this emergency, spread the word, educate yourself, and make a pledge of support.

Veterans Look in the Mirror and See Another Self In These Powerful Portraits

Dec 17, 2014 By Megan Berman 0

When we talk about the military as one unit, it’s easy to forget soldiers are individual people with different identities, not just imposing uniforms. Photographer Devin Mitchell wanted to remedy that. He told Mic

The military community has expressed their interest in using my art to communicate how many of them feel to be living double lives while serving in the military. People who have never served have shown interest in knowing more about the diversified aspects of what causes veterans to feel that way.

So Mitchell created The Veteran Art Project, a photo project that uses photoshop to showcase the people on the other side of the uniform — literally…



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