This Marine Was the Only Survivor. What He’s Most Proud of Now Is Gut-wrenching…

Dec 13, 2014 By Abraham 0

In 2005, Marine Travis Williams and his 12-man squad were sent on a rescue mission. Only he returned.

Here he tells the horrific story and talks about the aftermath, both in the days the followed as well as his life now. It is impossible to imagine what it must be like to live through this, especially when you hear him say the one thing that he’s most proud of in the years that have followed.


Bully Asks Victim Out 10 Years Later. She Says Yes, Then Takes Revenge Instead…

Dec 9, 2014 By Joey 31

As a 12-year-old kid, Louisa Manning dealt with constant bullying over her weight and hair. Kids called her “hairy” and turned her last name into an ugly moniker — “manbeast.”

Louisa Kid

Manning battled self-confidence and developed an eating disorder as a result of the constant bullying. Ten years later, she is now a 22-year-old student at Oxford University and, like many people, Manning looks pretty different from the awkward 12-year-old she used to be…

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Multimillionaire Builds New Homes for Everyone In His Old Town to Say “Thank You”

Dec 9, 2014 By Joey 0

Chinese businessman Xiong Shuihua has made millions over the course of a successful career in the construction industry…

Village Rebuilt To Give Mansions To Residents By Millionaire

Despite how things may seem for him now, the steel tycoon had humble beginnings in Xiongkeng village in southern China.

Chinese Tycoon's Hometown - Before 01

He has always spoken highly of the people who supported him and his family during his upbringing, pledging to do what he can to repay them. And now he has followed through in a big way.
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Soul-sucking, Super-fast Selfies Have Replaced Getting a Celebrity’s Autograph

Dec 3, 2014 By Abraham 1

In a Vine that went viral over the weekend, we see two fascinating phenomenons of contemporary pop-stardom. One, we see Liam Payne of One Direction deftly participating in the practice that seems to have completely replaced signing autographs — selfies.

And, two, we see how exhausting it is. Just look at his face between obligatory smiles.

Some cultures fear photography, believing it steals your soul. From this clip, it seems they might be right…

Did the Cops Seriously Just Stop This Black Guy for Walking with His Hands in His Pockets?

Dec 1, 2014 By Abraham 7

A few days ago, on Thanksgiving, Brandon McKean made the mistake of walking down the street in his hometown of Pontiac, Michigan.

Why was this a mistake, you ask?

Well, because it was cold and he had his hands in his pockets. Oh, and also he’s black.

Brandon Mckean

Walking with your hands in your pockets is apparently suspicious behavior to some residents of Pontiac, so they called 911. Soon after, Mr. McKean was confronted by the responding officer…

Fortunately, it ended amicably enough (though extremely awkwardly), but that doesn’t change the fact that this is genuinely appalling.

This Letter to Parents Shows LEGO Was Way Ahead of Its Time 40 Years Ago

Nov 26, 2014 By Joey 0

LEGO’s move towards gender-specific packaging in the 80s and 90s has garnered them a fair amount of criticism, but it wasn’t always that way. This letter accompanied LEGO products sold in the 1970s…

Lego English

As the letter circulated around the web, people began to speculate whether it was fabricated by today’s LEGO marketing team as a public relations stunt.

A commenter at Boing Boing helped dismiss that notion by posting a German version of the letter that had the same message as the English version…

Lego German

As if that wasn’t enough, a LEGO spokesperson confirmed the letter’s authenticity, saying,

The text is from 1974 and was a part of a pamphlet showing a variety of LEGO doll house products targeted [at] girls aged 4 and up. The text remains relevant to this day. Our focus has always been, and remains to bring creative play experiences to all children in the world, based on the LEGO brick and the LEGO system, ultimately enabling children to build and create whatever they can imagine.

Richard Sherman Has Fun Blasting NFL for Forcing Players to Endorse Their Products

Nov 26, 2014 By Joey 0

As the NFL tries to clean up its image with players abusing alcohol, drugs, and even their fellow humans, the league is also cracking down on more trivial marketing efforts.

Hefty fines have been issued in recent weeks to players who didn’t want to talk to the media or who wore a brand of headphones that the NFL doesn’t endorse.

In protest of these policies and player safety concerns, star Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman and wide receiver Doug Baldwin showed up for their required media appearance with a little skit that they’d prepared…

As Ferguson Burns, Remember White People Riot for the Stupidest Reasons

Nov 26, 2014 By Joey 5

Many people are rightfully upset at the looters and arsonists in Ferguson, but some of the arguments against the rioters have become racially charged and incredibly insensitive.

Here’s one particularly egregious example…

In response to these kinds of statements, Twitter user @red3blog and others started pointing out reasons white people have destroyed their own communities.

Here are just a few of them…

Denver 1998, because a football team lost

San Francisco 2012, because a baseball team won

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