The Most Embarrassing and Infuriating Discussion of the Viral Catcalling Video Yet

Nov 4, 2014 By Abraham 1

Everyone has seen and is now tired of the video about street harassment that now has 32 million views on YouTube. But that doesn’t mean it’s going away. People are still talking about it, because as annoying as it might be to hear so much about something, it’s still a fascinating and divisive issue.

And this interview on CNN proves it.

In typical TV fashion, no one listens to anyone or addresses any of their opponent’s points, good or bad. If you enjoy fruitless arguments about cringeworthy claims, this was filmed just for you…

Google Forced to Pay Woman After Posting Embarrassing Street-view Photo of Her on Her Porch

Nov 2, 2014 By Joey White 2

Google Street View cameras catch people off-guard every day, so the tech giant automatically blurs the face of anyone who appears in a Street View image.

But what happens when the image shows a little more skin than the subject would like to have displayed for the entire world to see? And what if — in spite of her blurred face — that subject is easily identifiable because she’s sitting on her front porch with her address and license plates clearly visible?

When Montreal resident Maria Pia Grillo found a photo of herself leaning forward on her doorstep, she was embarrassed by how much of her cleavage was displayed for the whole world to see online. Two years after discovering the photo, the bank employee filed a lawsuit demanding $45,000 for harm inflicted due to alleged mocking from her coworkers. She also requested that Google blur out her entire body, address, and license plate.

This is the grainy photo in question, captured before Google blurred the entire scene from their system…

Google Street View

Via: PetaPixel

Google agreed to blur the areas requested, but argued that they weren’t responsible for any emotional harm that occurred as a result of the photo.

The judge ruled that while Google wasn’t responsible for Grillo’s emotional distress, being in a visible place where someone can be seen does not mean that person forfeits their right to privacy.

For this violation of privacy, the judge ordered Google to pay the woman $2,250 plus interest and an additional $159 in court costs.

While Americans place a high value on free expression, which generally would permit the use of a photo of someone in public, the judge opted to take what he dubbed a “European approach” to privacy in determining what qualified as “personal information.”

Regardless of the public’s opinion of the case, Google’s incredible volume of images ensures it won’t be the last of its kind.

Helpful Flowchart Shows When It’s OK to Use the Word “Retarded”

Oct 31, 2014 By Abraham 4

In the ongoing and increasingly successful social-linguistic campaign against the use of the word retarded, the folks at Military Special Needs Network have put together this helpful flowchart for figuring out when it’s an appropriate choice of vocabulary…

When to Use the Word Retarded

Via: Huffington Post

Of course, the one thing missing from the chart is the question, “Are you using the word retarded in a flowchart (or blog post) about not using the word retarded?” Apparently, it’s OK then.

Finally, a Solution to All Your Accidental Racism

Oct 22, 2014 By Abraham 0

You’re probably not thoroughly racist, but that doesn’t mean you don’t stick your foot in your mouth sometimes when you’re around someone of a different race.

Fortunately, there’s now protection from the effects of your inadvertent racism…

(NSFW language)

8-Year-Old Gets to Suit up for High School Football Game, Scores the Best Touchdown Ever…

Oct 17, 2014 By Joey White 2

An 8-year-old boy with Down syndrome stole the show at a high school football game last night in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. First grader Gabe White has roamed the sidelines of the high school’s freshman team as their honorary captain this fall while watching his older brother play.

For the last game of the season, Coach Mark Apfel gave Gabe an oversized football jersey, helmet, and shoulder pads and told him to suit up…

Gabe and Coach

The game ended with a loss for the Hodags to the visiting Mosinee High School, but the Rhinelander players stuck around. There was a “5th quarter” still to be played.

As Rhinelander walked back onto the field, the Mosinee players couldn’t figure out what was going on. Then they noticed the 8-year-old boy on the field in a helmet and pads, and their coach told them, “Run the kickoff and don’t tackle him!”

The boys from Mosinee realized what was going on and did exactly what their coach asked them to. The weary group returned to the field and lined up for the kickoff, leaping through the air with missed tackles as they chased an 8-year-old boy to the end zone…

Gabe’s moment on the gridiron with his high school heroes is especially noteworthy for me because he’s my little brother. It’s not often I get to write a story about someone I know, much less someone in my family.

What those kids from Mosinee did was a spectacular display of sportsmanship. They didn’t have to drag themselves back onto that field, much less put the effort they did into running that last play. It was a great moment for Gabe, those fans, and everyone on the field, and now it’s a great moment for the rest of us.

Woman Ironically Embroiders Catcalls She’s Received. It Feels Silly…Until You Pay Attention

Oct 14, 2014 By Joey White 5

Embroidered samplers typically contain sweet, soothing scenes or inspirational quotes, but this isn’t your traditional embroidery…

Embroidered Catcalls 2

Brooklyn artist Elana Adler started recording the catcalls she heard on the street and turning them into these powerful embroidered samplers. She’s amassed dozens of the gross phrases for her project, which she named You Are My Duchess after a comment directed at her in a catcall.

The vulgarity of the quotes are odd against the softness of the medium, reenforcing how inappropriate they are. Adler notes,

You read one sampler. Perhaps you are amused, but as you continue reading and consider the body as an entire collection, the response changes. The inherent filth emerges. It is a beautification of an assault. Perhaps in the moment these statements are meant to compliment, but most don’t find vulgar, highly sexualized statements whispered or screamed at them by random strangers complimentary. Rather, they are an invasion of personal space.

We’ve featured several of Adler’s pieces here, but be sure to check out her website for the rest of the series…

Embroidered Catcalls 8

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