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Category: Social Issues

13-Year-Old Girl Is Punished for Her Pro-LGBT Shirt After Her School Calls It ‘Distracting’

Five Women Have Officially Accused Actor James Franco of Sexual Misconduct

YouTube’s Response to Logan Paul’s ‘Suicide Forest’ Video Is Too Little Too Late

I Don’t Wear Makeup or Care About Clothes — Welcome to my Morning Routine

Megachurch Pastor Given Standing Ovation After Admitting He Orally Raped a Teenage Girl

15 Completely Ridiculous Things From the ’90s We Thought Were Normal at the Time

Harvey Weinstein Was Slapped Across the Face at a Restaurant and I Am Not Mad About It

I’m a Young, Black, Female Liberal and I Actually Agree With One of Trump’s Executive Orders

E! Finally Has an Explanation for Why Catt Sadler’s Pay Was so Low, and It’s a Real Doozy

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Apparently Disagrees With Oprah’s Nonexistent ‘Political Policies’

Michelle Williams Made Less Than 1% of What Mark Wahlberg Made for Reshoots on the Same Film