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Category: Social Issues

Billy Bush Admits to ‘Bystander Abuse’ in the Wake of Trump’s ’Grab ‘Em by the P*ssy’ Comment

GOP Candidate Goes on an Unhinged Rant Against Women, Calling Them ‘Manophobic She-Devils’

Teen Boy Asked for Advice About Dating a Transgender Girl and It’s Beyond Adorable

Aly Raisman Honors Fellow Larry Nassar Sexual Assault Survivors in Emotional Full-Page Ad

The Era of Logan Paul Is Over, and the Women of Young Hollywood Have Arrived

A Rebuttal to Every Man Who Claims Judge Rosemarie Aquilina Was Too Harsh on Larry Nassar

Harvey Weinstein’s Assistant Is Suing Him for Making Her Clean Semen off His Couch

Gay Couple Sues State Dept. for Denying Citizenship to One of Their Twin Sons

Trump Official Fat-Shames White House Journalist, Calling Her ‘Miss Piggy’ in Twitter Feud

Female Railway Conductor Fired by Her Company for Posting Scandalous, Half-Naked Photos

Ivanka Trump’s New Twitter Bio Is an Affront to Women Everywhere