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You’ve Been Mispronouncing These Places Your Whole Life

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The English language is tricky. There are silent letters, emphasis on certain syllables, and basically a bunch of ways to incorrectly pronounce places around the world.

Along with being confusing, it can be frustrating to realize you’ve been pronouncing the names of so many places wrong, despite your best efforts, so maybe this will help out…

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Here Are the Absolute Worst Things About Every State

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There are pros and cons to every single place in the United States, from having a really cool roadside attraction or great weather to having ridiculously high taxes or pollution. It’s your call what you value most. But Thrillist decided to find the one key area in each state that is basically the worst thing about it.

If you disagree, don’t shoot the messenger here — unless you’re in South Carolina, as apparently that’s a fairly popular past time. But feel free to debate in the comments.

Stick up for your state, people!

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