25 of the Most Breathtaking and Dangerous Flowers in the World

Apr 9, 2015 By Abby Heugel 0

No matter how hard humans may try, they will never be able to match the beauty, mystery, and wonder that nature can provide. These 25 flowers prove that looks can be deceiving. Some are full of beauty but also poisonous, while others don’t look like flowers at all.

A monkey? An alien? You never know what you will find…

Bird of Paradise

Also known as the crane flower, this gem is the official flower of Los Angeles, which is odd, seeing as I thought it was the rose given out on The Bachelor. The Bird of Paradise is native to South Africa but common in floral arrangements, and is the go-to flower for ninth anniversary celebrations.


Image: Flowers Kid

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The 20 Most Stunning Pools in the World Will Make You Want to Pack Your Bags and Just Go

Apr 8, 2015 By Abby Heugel 0

Depending on where you live, it’s been a horribly brutal winter and summer can’t arrive quickly enough for most people. But even if you never had to pick up a shovel, it can’t hurt to fantasize about lazing beside a pool without a care in the world. What could possibly be better than that? Lazing beside one of the 20 most beautiful pools in the world, that’s what!

Yes, they’re insanely expensive. Yes, they’re extravagant beyond belief. But through the magic of the Internet, we can all pretend that we’re there.

So put on your flip-flops, suspend your reality, and jump into the water (no diving, please.)

Jade Mountain

On Saint Lucia Island in the Caribbean, this secluded resort has infinity pools for each suite. Yes, each room has its own pool, so don’t worry about swimming through someone else’s warm patch. All pools feature shallow water lounging areas and large swimming area, and have been surfaced in one-of-a-kind glass tiles in its own individually designed glass tile color scheme which is then carried on into the individual bathrooms. As if that wasn’t enough, they’re also equipped with fiber optics to illuminate them at night.


Via: Jade Mountain

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Canadian Passports Have a Party Hidden in Their Pages. Grab a Black Light and Join In…

Jan 21, 2015 By Abraham 0

There are a variety of ways that official documents can be protected from forgery and one of these is to hide imagery in them only identifiable under certain conditions. Ultraviolet light, for instance.

This is the method that Canada has chosen for their passports. But they’ve gone above and beyond. Not only are there “secret” images in the passports that are only visible under a black light, but these images are downright jubilant.

All Canadians need for a good time is to pull out their passport, turn on their black lights, and start flipping pages…

Before you join the party, under normal light…

Canadian Passports Under a Blacklight - 01

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You’d Need the Entire Width of the Lower 48 to Fit Alaska

Dec 22, 2014 By Abraham 0

You already know Alaska is massive, and you’ve seen maps before that compare the state to the rest of the country. But this simple image offers a fascinating observation.

If you could move Alaska south and place it over the contiguous United States in such a way that all its land would fit, it would not only go from Minnesota down to Texas, it would stretch all the way from Florida across to northern California…

Alaska Compared to Lower 48

Via: Reddit

There Is a Green Cat Just Hanging Out in Bulgaria. Seriously.

Dec 9, 2014 By Megan Berman 0

What you’re seeing right now isn’t the magic of photoshop. This is a real, live cat who accidentally turned himself green…



He’s been wandering around Varna, Bulgaria. At first people thought he had been abused. A Facebook group even sprung up to find the culprit. But it seems that this handsome, unlikely hue is his own fault…

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