See How Olympic Medals Are Made In 21 Captivating Photos

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See the Evolution of U.S.A’s Olympic Gymnastics Uniforms Over the Years

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Accidental Censorship of Olympic Divers Totally Makes It Look REALLY Dirty

Aug 10, 2016 By Abby Heugel 0

Along with incredible skill and dedication, Olympic divers also posses Speedos that could serve as tiny little hammocks for hamsters. In other words, the suits are super small.

That’s not news.

The Internet Has Fallen In Love With This Olympic Swimmer’s Geeky Reactions

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Given how insanely fit, talented, and focused they are, Olympic athletes can sometimes be a little bit hard to relate to.

32 Hilarious Tweets About the Rio Olympics So Far

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There’s nothing like the majesty of the Olympics — the dedication, the athleticism, the strength — to make all us average peons marvel in disbelief and do the only thing we can to compete — tweet.

Here are the best reactions to the Rio games so far that deserve some kind of medal of their own.

Enjoy the Many Ridiculous Faces Made by Rio’s Olympic Gymnasts

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This Selfie of Gymnasts From North and South Korea Proves That the Olympics Brings People Together

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People Are Very Angry About the ‘Sexist’ Coverage of These Olympic Games

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Any Olympian, male or female, has worked their tails off to get to where they are today. Nothing can replace hard work, and while credit is due to their trainers, coaches, and family, it’s the athlete that goes out there and competes.

Apparently not everyone got that memo though, as there are already more than a handful of instances in these Olympics in which the performance of elite female athletes has been attributed directly to the men in their lives.

Here Are the Most Hilarious Reactions To Michael Phelps’ Terrifying Game Face Last Night

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Move over hot oiled Tonga flagbearer, as Michael Phelps’ game face is now the most talked about Olympic meme — for now.

While sitting and waiting to swim in the Men’s 200 butterfly semifinal last night, the most decorated Olympian of all time donned his signature Beats headphones and pulled up his hood while getting into the zone. 

Watching Gymnast Aly Raisman’s Parents Nervously Watching Her Perform Should Be an Olympic Event

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While gymnast Aly Raisman is competing for more gold medals after winning two at the 2012 London Olympics, her parents deserve some kind of award for the gymnastics they nervously do as they watch her do her thing.

They twist, they jump, they contort themselves around while they squirm in their seats. Just watching them makes you nervous, but honestly, can you blame them?

Regardless, it’s highly entertaining.

Twitter Struck Gold With These Two Unfortunately Named Field Hockey Players

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The Olympics celebrate the best of the best, and athletes are honored and admired for their dedication, their skill, and their ability to do things that most normal people cannot.