NFL team shows compassion and class, cuts player but helps save his daughter’s life

Sep 8, 2014 By Megan Berman 1

When defensive tackle for the Cincinnati Bengals Devon Still found out in June that his 4-year old daughter Leah was diagnosed with stage-4 pediatric cancer, football was suddenly the last thing on his mind.

Devon Still and his daughter - 02

When he had to leave practice and commute between his Delaware home and his daughter’s treatment facility in Philadelphia, his performance suffered. So a week ago, just before the season was to start, he got some discouraging news: Despite having played for the last two years, he didn’t make the final 53-man roster this season.

But it wasn’t all bad news…

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Overjoyed Australian dad crushes his daughter’s dreams with one lucky basketball shot

Sep 8, 2014 By Abraham 0

This man’s daughter tells him that if he makes a backward, one-handed basket he never has to buy her anything ever again. She didn’t think this would happen…

His unadulterated, in-your-face happiness is as good as the freak basket, isn’t it?

This guy wouldn’t be making $500K a year if it weren’t for his face tattoo

Sep 5, 2014 By Joey White 4

Getting a face tattoo is like saying goodbye to ever getting a good job, right? Well, yes and no…

Bored with his job at Toys ‘R’ Us three years ago, Ethan Westbrooks needed a spark to motivate himself to succeed in something else. As a student and football player at Sacramento City Junior College, Westbrooks resolved that he would make the NFL.

He quit his job at the toy store and to ensure that he would never be able to be hired at a normal job again, he got a tattoo just below his eye…

Ethan Westbrooks

Soon after getting his face inked, the defensive lineman transferred from the junior college to Division II West Texas A&M. He says about the tattoo,

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Chris Pratt can do no wrong…but he tried to with this first pitch at a Cubs game

Sep 5, 2014 By Abraham 0

These days Chris Pratt seems to be winning at everything…but that’s because he doesn’t play baseball. Fortunately, however, since everybody loves him, this pitch that he threw before a Cubs game recently is completely forgivable…

In fact, it’s kind of awesome. Especially when you look at how hard he seems to be trying not to do exactly what he did…

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How to use a beach ball to make everybody hate you

Sep 4, 2014 By Abraham 4

A man at a recent Arizona game decided to make enemies with as many people as possible, both in the immediate vicinity and across the world through YouTube. And all he needed for this ambitious but befuddling objective was a beach ball that happened to be bouncing by…

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How do you keep juggling interesting? Turn it into a fight, of course…

Aug 31, 2014 By Joey White 0

When a juggling convention needs to spice things up, they hold a Fight Night, which is a one-on-one competition between two jugglers. The match requires each juggler to keep three clubs in the air while knocking one of their competitors’ clubs to the ground.

It’s a funny combination of boxing and juggling, but as this title match from last month’s European Juggling Convention in Ireland shows, it’s really fun to watch…

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Irish MMA warrior talks about his violent ancestry and what homeless guys taught him about fighting

Aug 28, 2014 By Promoted Content 0

At 5’8″ and 145 pounds, Conor McGregor is a small man. But you’d hardly know it by his presence in the UFC’s Octagon. Still, that’s not the Conor McGregor that Fightland and Sailor Jerry are getting to know here.

Conor McGregor

In their new series “Title Shots,” they are giving viewers a one-of-a-kind look at what’s going in the minds of fighters rather than only looking at what’s going on in the octagon. In this first episode, we visit Venice Beach with Irish UFC featherweight Conor McGregor to learn how his obsession with movement has shaped his fighting style. And not just his obsession with movement, but also his violent irish ancestry and an unlikely conversation with two homeless guys…

Football star injures both ankles and risks his entire career to save his nephew’s life — UPDATED

Aug 26, 2014 By Joey White 2

UPDATE: John Shaw now says he lied about the story. It seems he did fall from a balcony, but details are still unclear. We’re leaving the original below here for reference.

Saturday night was a big night for University of Southern California cornerback John Shaw, who’s expected to be as high as the second-ranked cornerback in the 2015 NFL draft. The senior had just been named team captain for the school’s football team, with high expectations to lead a squad ranked number 15 in the country going into the season.

John Shaw USC

Later that evening, Shaw was at a family function at his cousin’s apartment when he noticed his 7-year-old nephew struggling to stay afloat in the swimming pool. Knowing his nephew couldn’t swim and seeing nobody else who could help, Shaw had one major problem with getting to his nephew — he was on a second floor balcony with no stairs down to the pool.

Undeterred, Shaw made the jump to the concrete floor below, immediately falling to the ground in pain. He crawled to the pool where he managed to get in and bring his nephew to safety before pulling himself out of the water with his upper body.

After ensuring that his nephew was safe, Shaw was taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with two very painful high ankle sprains. He’s unable to play football for a while but tells,

“I would do it again for whatever kid it was, it did not have to be my nephew. My ankles really hurt, but I am lucky to be surrounded by the best trainers and doctors in the world. I am taking my rehab one day at a time, and I hope to be back on the field as soon as possible.”

College football could use a few more leaders like John Shaw.

Football fan loses BIG in Twitter bet he can’t pay. Michael Sam bails him out and everybody wins…

Aug 26, 2014 By Joey White 0

Betting and sports don’t mix, but that doesn’t stop people from making absurd wagers on everything from the final score to…well, this…

When two of the NFL’s most talked-about rookies met in a preseason game on Saturday night, people paid a lot more attention than they normally do to games that are relatively meaningless.

And when one of those rookies, St. Louis Rams defensive end Michael Sam, sacked the other rookie, Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel, Sam had a little fun with it…

Johnny Manziel — perhaps better known as Johnny Football — has a trademark celebration where he rubs his fingers together in a money sign. As the video above shows, Sam playfully mocked Manziel with the gesture after sacking the controversial quarterback.

All of this was humorous enough without a curious Twitter bet that had been made earlier in the day by New Yorker Fisher King

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