‘Sesame Street’ Celebrates the Return of ‘Game of Thrones’ With Their Own Hilarious Parody

Apr 10, 2015 By Scott Neumyer 0

Haven’t you heard? Winter is coming! Okay, that’s not exactly true. Thankfully, Summer is finally on its way, but you know exactly what I’m talking about if you’re a Game of Thrones fan.

With the hit HBO show’s fifth season set to premiere this Sunday night, the fine folks at Sesame Street have decided to create their very own version of the series with a hilarious parody called Game of Chairs. Brilliant!

What If the Annoyances of Email Happened in Real Life. Painfully Accurate…and Hilarious.

Apr 7, 2015 By Abraham 0

If you ever think people’s email etiquette is annoying, just imagine if that’s how they acted in actual face-to-face interactions. Or, if you don’t want to imagine, you can just let Tripp and Tyler show you how insufferable it would be.

The mega-long signature is what got me. Hilarious…

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Be Thankful You Weren’t Friends with THESE Creative Pranksters on April Fool’s Day

Apr 2, 2015 By Abby Heugel 0

Now that April Fool’s Day has passed, you can go back to believing everything you read on the Internet.

And while big companies like Google and Samsung can create pranks of their own about products that just don’t exist, it’s the jokes pulled by friends, family, and coworkers that are usually the most fun.

Take these 25 pranks, for example, and then be glad that you don’t know these people. Or, you could use them as new ideas for next year. Your call.

Objects in Mirror

This guy’s girlfriend decided to ditch the “fake pregnancy test” gag and instead ensure that her boyfriend checked his mirrors.


Via: Reddit

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What Happens When a ‘Star Wars’ Droid Falls in Love with a Mailbox? You’re About to Find Out…

Apr 1, 2015 By Scott Neumyer 0

If you’ve ever seen the Pixar hit film WALL-E, then you know that robots need love too. Well, the same can be said for droids, which you’re about to find out in Evan Atherton‘s adorably genius short film Artoo in Love.

Watch below as Star Wars favorite R2-D2 falls in love with a blue mailbox. You’ll get a chance to see just how far a little droid will go to protect its chosen mate. May the force be with you, little guy!


25 Pranksters Who Made the Most Out of April Fool’s Day

Mar 11, 2015 By Abby Heugel 0

Man Meets His Wife and Kids for the First Time in the Greatest Unboxing Video on the Internet

Jan 21, 2015 By Abraham 0

The odd practice of creating “unboxing” videos of newly arrived purchases has been around long enough that it’s almost easier to find videos of people making fun of the idea than it is to find a good example of someone doing it seriously.

However, this new video from the completely serious and entirely trustworthy viral news source Clickhole brings the unboxing ritual back to its roots. This is what it’s all about…

Via: Laughing Squid