These Hilarious Face Swap Videos Are Also Completely TERRIFYING

Jan 25, 2016 By Christina Caldwell 0

Have you ever wondered what you’d look like if you had your loved one’s face? No? Well, now you can find out anyway.

Face Swap Live lets you swap faces with anyone in real time, and now people on YouTube are making it weird, because that’s just what YouTube does.

The BEST Colorized Photos From History You’ve Ever Seen

Jan 22, 2016 By Abby Heugel 0

In The Wizard of Oz, one of the pivotal moments is when Dorothy suddenly steps out of the shadows of black and white into a colorful land. It was literally a whole new world for her, and for all the viewers.

The same can be said for old photos. We see them in black and white, and it’s easy to forget that life back then was experienced in the same vibrant colours that surround us today.

But thanks to the people of Reddit, specifically the r/Colorization subreddit, we no longer have to wonder what it might look like. The principal contributors are a mix of professional and amateur colorizers and restorers that bring historic photos to life through color, and while we can’t be sure that those hues are exactly as they were at that time, it’s close enough to give us a solid idea.

Everyone Needs To Stop Using These Incredibly Stupid Passwords Right NOW

Jan 22, 2016 By Christina Caldwell 0

Oy vey, internet! We thought you were better than this, but it turns out that some people (Not you though, right?) are still using these passwords, according to a recent report from SplashData.

Yes, for real.

Yes, Siri Can Beatbox. Turns Out She Can Collaborate, Too

Jan 21, 2016 By Christina Caldwell 0

Beatboxer Marcus Perez nailed a collabo with the biggest voice in technology. Siri was on those 1’s and 0’s as Perez laid down some sick beats. The result is hot fire.

Siri is no stranger to beatboxing, of course. Let’s not forget that she can cover the beatboxing classics all by herself.

Behold This Epic Twitter Tale of Pizza Pickup Fail

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These People Had a REALLY Bad Year In 2015

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These Are the Most Ridiculously Awesome Amazon Reviews Ever

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Black Woman’s Response To Her New Racist Coworker Is Pure Pranking Perfection

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