22 of the most iconic game controllers of the past 30 years photographed in one man’s hands

Jul 29, 2014 By Joey White 0

Art Director Javier Laspiur’s series Controllers documents classic game controllers of the past 30 years…


Laspiur’s series is simple — each portrait is a photo of a controller along with its name or system and the year in which Laspiur first played that game.

In addition to the GIF above, we’ve included photos of each of the 22 game controllers below…

Controllers 2

Controllers 3

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What we all hate most about email

Jul 26, 2014 By Joey White 0

YouTube animator Domics illustrates the difficulty of striking just the right tone in an email…


The hilarious result of people on Facebook thinking The Onion is real [21 pics]

Jul 14, 2014 By Abraham 4

Just because The Onion is the most famous satirical publication on the planet doesn’t mean that everyone knows they’re joking. In fact, there are thousands out there who see their headlines every day and believe them to be real.

Thanks to the site Literally Unbelievable, we get to check in from time to time and laugh at these people. Here are a few of their most recent…

Literally Unbelievable - 12

*               *               *

Literally Unbelievable - 14

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Are giant Lego blocks the future of building construction?

Jul 13, 2014 By Abraham 1

A company called Kite Bricks is developing a construction system that they claim will by 70 – 80% cheaper and quicker than current methods all while being environmentally friendly and…quiet.

Their products are a line of various shaped bricks designed to be easily combined with each other using robots to build homes, office buildings, bridges, and more. They explain…

The block is constructed of high-strength concrete with unique properties that allow for the building of truly ecological structures, with large savings in electricity expenses associated with seasonal heating and cooling. The block allows for faster, cheaper, more precise, and stronger building than is available through traditional building methods.

Bricks are designed to be easily joined together, with open internal spaces for insulation and infrastructure elements to be run through the bricks and allow for easy access to these elements.

Floors, walls, and ceilings are all constructed by appropriate bricks to allow for facile, solid construction with little mess and significantly reduced construction costs.

Here is the initial, computer-animated demo of what they’re imagining…

(via Ars Technica)