Newlyweds’ Entire Fairy Tale Romance Is Thanks To Instagram, Even The Proposal

Oct 22, 2014 By Megan Berman 0

When Elizabeth Wisdom posted pictures from her family trip to the West Coast on Instagram in June 2012, she wasn’t expecting to find love.

Neither was Denis LaFargue, who saw her pictures, and thought they looked familiar. When he realized that had made the same trip just the summer before, he decided to leave her a comment…and their modern day fairytale began.


The two started chatting in the comments section, and a few months later in September, Denis decided to take a leap of faith and offer up his phone number—which, in the online dating world, is a big move.

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After Hearing This Woman’s Harrowing Story, You’ll Want the App that Saved Her Life

Oct 21, 2014 By Megan Berman 1

Last week, after 18 agonizing hours trapped in her car at the bottom of a ravine, 28-year old Melissa Vasquez was rescued…because of an app and a brilliant police officer.

Vasquez lost control of her car in San Jose, California, driving off the road into a 500 foot ravine, which was so far down that her OnStar GPS system couldn’t locate her.

The day of Vasquez’ accident, the OnStar system in her car alerted police officers to an accident in San Jose — but after searching for two hours while OnStar honked the horn, first responders couldn’t locate her. Later that day, an OnStar signal indicated that her car was in downtown San Jose—though of course, they didn’t find her car there, either.

When she didn’t come home that night, her family called to report her missing, and the responding officer, Dave Cameron had a bright idea: Find My iPhone, an app from Apple that allows users to track the location of their other devices.

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The Look on This Guy’s Face When Autocorrect Screws Up His Keynote Presentation Is Perfect

Oct 17, 2014 By Joey White 0

During yesterday’s keynote presentation for the iPad Air 2 release, the guy controlling the visual demonstration was supposed to type “Utah road trip.” Autocorrect had something else in mind and 15 seconds into the video, the man’s disgust with the mistake is captured on camera…

Of course, his mistake continues to appear over the next minute as the text appears several times on the screen, especially when a feature is highlighted that requires the typo to be featured front and center.

But as funny as the mistake is, it’s the man’s look of disgust with himself and with the technology that turned “Uta” into “It’s” instead of adding an “h” that made the moment hilarious.

In case you missed it in the video, here it is again in a GIF…

iPad Air 2a

And if that wasn’t enough, here’s a close-up…

iPad Air 2

Via: Reddit

We’ve all been where this guy was, but for most of us it wasn’t live on camera in front of millions of people. Thankfully, we now have the perfect GIF to send our boss when it’s just time to admit that there’s nothing we can do to fix our latest mistake.

The Oldest Minnesotan Just Joined Facebook…and She Had to Lie About Her Age Do It

Oct 14, 2014 By Megan Berman 0

Just in time to have her wall fill up with happy birthday wishes, Minnesota’s oldest resident has signed up for Facebook.

The catch? Anna Stoehr, who just turned 114 this past weekend, had to lie about her age to be allowed to have an account. When she entered her actual age, it came back as invalid. So she pretended to be a 99-year-old spring chicken in order to join…

So how does a woman who has literally witnessed the invention of electric lights, telephones, cars, and the internet, get on Facebook? With the help of her 85-year-old son and the Verizon sales rep who sold him an iPhone, Joseph Ramirez.

I had just sold him the iPhone, and he was talking about his mother. And I realized that he was 85 years young, and I was just astounded…I [asked] “Well, how old is your mother?”

Now Joseph is teaching Anna how to use email, Google, Facebook, and her personal favorite: FaceTime. Anna has made friends all around the world and loves calling people on her new iPad mini for a chat. But she doesn’t have much use for Google, as proven by Joseph, who once googled Susan B. Anthony, only to have Anna sassily tell him, “I could’ve told you that.”

She also had Joseph write Mark Zuckerberg a letter (on a typewriter!) to request that she be able to list her real age, telling him, “I’m still here.”

You tell ‘em, Anna.

Via: Kare 11

Chuck Norris Can Fix Your Cracked Phone Screen Without Even Replacing It

Oct 14, 2014 By Joey White 0

A cracked screen on an otherwise perfectly functional phone is an annoyance many of us have dealt with at some point. But some people just know better than others how to be awesome when things don’t go as planned.

Screen repairs are relatively simple but if you aren’t up for fixing it yourself, you’ll probably pay at least half of what your phone cost you for a fresh screen. Apple charges over $100 for the privilege of replacing your iPhone’s spiderwebbed glass.

Fortunately, all you need to fix it yourself is…Chuck Norris.

Cracked Phone Screens 7


See? No longer is your screen inexplicably cracked. It’s doing what it was meant to do — Submitting.

And if Mr. Norris isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other options…

Cracked Phone Screens 6


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Aussie on a Mission to Meet ALL His Facebook Friends in Person (Yes, Even His Exes)

Oct 4, 2014 By Megan Berman 1

Most of us have way more friends on Facebook than we do in real life. In fact, a “friend” online is often not even as close a relationship as what we would ordinarily call an acquaintance.

But one Australian man is changing this for himself, and is making his online “friends” turn into real-life friends, too. How is he accomplishing this?

Instead of regularly removing Facebook friends he doesn’t stay in touch with, he is on a mission to meet every single one…in person.

All 1,008 of them.


Matt Kuleza, a student and digital strategist, started his blog 1000+ COFFEES in an effort to develop real relationships with people he already “knows” online, and to change the way we think about social media along the way.

And, yes, he has been meeting up with every single Facebook friend — ex-girlfriends included…

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After Graduating from Yale, This Guy Completely Quit Talking and Went for a 9,000-mile Walk

Oct 3, 2014 By Megan Berman 5

For one year, 23-year-old Yale grad Greg Hindy didn’t utter a single word. Not when he became lost in a snowstorm in Zion National Park, or even when he collapsed of food poisoning in Salt Lake City and was brought to the hospital.

Greg HIndy

Hindy had taken on a vow of silence: for 365 days, he would trek across the United States without using any technology, relying on the kindness of strangers…

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This Lawyer Knows *Tons* of Celebrities! Except It’s All Photoshop and Now She’s Screwed…

Oct 1, 2014 By Megan Berman 3

It seems that celebrity obsession isn’t just for teen fans… A California attorney is facing a six-month suspension after the State Bar caught her photoshopping herself into celebrity pictures for her business website.


Kind of like that time in the 90s you glued a cutout of Nick Carter into a photo with you and told all your friends he was your boyfriend…

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Prank video parody is a brilliant takedown of using cruel “pranks” as “social experiments”

Sep 26, 2014 By Abraham 0

Lately, a YouTuber named Sam Pepper has been taking major heat for a video he posted as “a social experiment.” The short version is that he sexually harassed women in a “prank” video and then said it was intended to raise awareness about sexual harassment. Yep.

Like most everybody else, YouTuber JusReign was skeptical of Pepper’s explanation and made this parody to get his point across.

Introducing The Murder Prank, because we need to be reminded as a society that murder is bad…