Kristen Bell is Mary Poppins and here’s why she’s raging mad

Jul 25, 2014 By Abraham 0

Mary Poppins could spit nails right now, but since she’s Mary Poppins she still seems very sweet about it…mostly.

(Brief NSFW language)

North Dakota coffee shop has no employees, runs entirely on the honor system…and it’s working

Jun 27, 2014 By Abraham 27

In the town of Valley City, North Dakota, a former bank has been renovated and is now The Vault, a go-to coffee shop for the small community. Of course it has coffee, tea, and a few pastries…otherwise it wouldn’t really be a coffee shop.

But what it doesn’t have is what sets it apart — Employees.

Nobody works at The Vault. The owners Kimberly and David Brekke stop by to keep it stocked, but that’s it. Prices are clearly marked for customers who get whatever they want, add up their own total, and then swipe their credit card or slip cash or check into the slot on the counter. It’s entirely run on the honor system.

Is it working? Yes, it is.

David says that, while they aren’t making money yet because of the costs of renovations, revenue is 15% higher than if customers only paid the marked prices…

(via Say Anything)

Congrats to the Brekkes for having the guts and creativity to try this out…and to Valley City, ND for being honest enough to make it work.

Would this work in your neighborhood?

Man learns his missing 12-year-old son is still alive during an interview on live TV

Jun 26, 2014 By Abraham 10

In one of the strangest interviews ever, Charles Bothuell, whose son had been missing since Father’s Day, discovers that the boy is alive and well…and had been hidden in his own basement.

The dad responds with complete shock, which perhaps explains why he doesn’t have the presence of mind to cut Nancy Grace off and just leave the studio to talk to his family…

This whole situation is…odd…and a lot of questions remain unanswered. But, thankfully, in the meantime, the child is in good care.

Read more from NBC News.

14-year-old George R. R. Martin’s effusive fan letter to Stan Lee hints at future writing skills and nerdiness

Jun 17, 2014 By Abraham 0

In August of 1963, young teenager George R. Martin (He hadn’t picked up the second R yet.) bought issue 17 of Fantastic Four…and it blew him away. He simply couldn’t contain himself, so he sat down and wrote a letter of gushing praise to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

Reading it over, you can see signs of the writing prowess, extreme thoroughness, and wonderful geekiness that would culminate years later in his bestselling series A Song of Ice and Fire…

George R R Martin's Fan Letter to Stan Lee

(via Neatorama)