These Neo-Nazis Have No Idea This Little Town Is Tricking Them Into Defeating Themselves

Nov 17, 2014 By Abraham 3

This past weekend, to the chagrin of the entire town, busloads of Neo-Nazis descended on Wunsiedel in Germany. There is nothing the town can do to stop the hate group’s annual march that they hold there.

But some creative thinkers realized, while they can’t legally deny the Neo-Nazis, they can make it work against them.

With the help of sponsors and regular folks making smaller donations, the town turned the hateful march into a walkathon in support of EXIT Germany, a charity that helps people get out of extreme right wing organizations like the ones putting the Wunsiedel march on.

For every meter that the Neo-Nazis marched, 10 Euros was donated to this initiative that stands strongly against them. They raised 10,000 Euros. Good for them.

Watch as they see that every step they take is supporting their defeat…

(Turn on closed captioning for English subtitles.)

British Cop Shows How to Be an Angry Cop Without Being a Jerk About It

Nov 17, 2014 By Abraham 0

After a motorcyclist got caught speeding and doing a wheelie by a cop on horseback, the officer asked if he was recording. The very polite driver said yes and offered to turn the camera off. The policeman said no, leave it on, so everyone can see the tongue-lashing he was about to receive.

But for all the officer’s severity, he treated the offending driver in a way we would all be lucky to be treated the next time we’re pulled over…

So why did the motorcyclist share this? It’s simple. He says…

Reason I shared it is because the police officer told me to show to my friends.

The Best Christmas Ad You’ll See Today Recreates Christmas Eve On a WWI Battlefield

Nov 13, 2014 By Joey White 3

Throughout Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in 1914, German and British troops along the Western Front laid down their arms and met on the field of battle for a game of soccer, a gift exchange, or just to share a smoke in an incredible display of humanity…


This Christmas advertisement for UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s tells the touching story of the Christmas truce that occurred a century ago…

The time and effort Sainsbury put into ensuring historical accuracy is phenomenal. In another video explaining the behind the scenes, they note…

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When the Cops Show Up, Everyone Pretends This Illegal Street Market is a Picnic

Nov 8, 2014 By Megan Berman 2

Germany isn’t exactly famous for its hot food. When Germans crave spice, they’re out of luck.


Or at least, those who aren’t “in the know” are. But if you know the right people, you can get in on a hot secret: apparently, Berlin’s numerous Thai and Vietnamese immigrants have taken matters into their own hands with Thai Park — an Asian street food market held in a park on the outskirts of the city.

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This Vendor Will Be Your Hero the Next Time You Need Shoelaces in Arequipa, Peru

Nov 7, 2014 By Abraham 0

If your shoelaces break while you’re passing through the Arequipa region of southwestern Peru, there’s no need to be concerned. This guy has you covered…as well as himself — you figuratively and himself literally.

(If you don’t anticipate being in a predicament that will require this man’s services, then just take a moment and admire his simple creativity and extraordinary hard work.)

Shoelace Salesman in Peru - 01

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Teacher Forced to Resign Over Ebola Scare Because Dumb School Has No Idea Where Kenya Is

Nov 5, 2014 By Joey White 3

Many Americans know little more about where the deadly Ebola outbreak has occurred except that it’s “in Africa.” Of course, Africa is the world’s second largest continent, so it helps to be a little more specific, especially when freaking out about being near someone who’s been to the vast continent.

The virus has been largely contained to just three countries — Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone. To illustrate the size of this area, British chemist Anthony England, who’s spent a lot of time in sub-saharan Africa, created this helpful map…

Ebola Map

While several cases of Ebola have occurred in three other nearby countries, those cases were contained and the virus is not a threat there, similar to how it’s been contained in the United States.

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Want to Travel the World for Free? If You Have the Same Name as This Guy’s Ex, You’re in Luck…

Nov 5, 2014 By Megan Berman 0

Calling all Canadians named Elizabeth Gallagher! If you have a passport and love to travel, there is a free plane ticket for a trip around the world this December with your name on it.

The only catch? You have to travel with the original Elizabeth Gallagher’s ex-boyfriend, Jordan Axani, who planned the romantic getaway before they broke up.


28-year old Axani posted the offer on Reddit a few days ago, explaining that it just wasn’t worth it to cancel the trip…

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The Taliban Kills Translators Who Work with the U.S….and the U.S. Helps Them Do It

Oct 20, 2014 By Joey White 0

If you live in Afghanistan and know how to speak English, the U.S. military and their contractors are very interested in employing your services to help them navigate the country. But at some point, the military deployments end and contractors return home, leaving you, the translator, without a job and, more importantly, without protection from the Taliban.

John Oliver covers the threats translators face and the shocking reality that the U.S. government isn’t helping them escape to the safety of the U.S. thanks to nearly insurmountable bureaucratic red tape.

If you aren’t familiar with the story, you should watch this…