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Celebrities edited into classic paintings [80 pictures]

Feb 26, 2013 By Abraham

Over the last couple years, the folks at Worth 1000 have held almost 20 “Modern Renaissance” contests to see who can most skillfully and creatively manipulate an image to put a celebrity into a classic painting. Here are some of the best and most interesting…

Willie Nelson

Vladimir Putin

Viggo Mortenson

Uma Thurman

Tina Fey

Taylor Swift

Sylvester Stallone

Susan Boyle

Steve Carell

Sean Connery

Scarlett Johansson

Salma Hayek

Rowan Atkinson

Robin Williams

Robert Duvall

Robert DeNiro

Penelope Cruz

Patrick Stewart

Orlando Bloom

Nicole Kidman

Natalie Portman

Minnie Driver

Michael Jordan

Michael Jackson

Michael Caine

Mariah Carey

Mandy Moore

Macauley Caulkin

Lisa Kudrow

Leonardo DiCaprio

Kevin Bacon

Keanu Reeves

Katy Perry

Kate Winslet

Julia Stiles

Julia Roberts

Jude Law

Jon Stewart

Johnny Depp

John C. Reilly

Jim Broadbent

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Aniston

Jay Leno

Janine Garafolo

Jack Nicholson

Jack Black

Hugh Laurie

Hugh Grant

Helena Bonham-Carter

Helen Hunt

Hayden Panettiere

Harrison Ford

Gillian Anderson

Gary Oldman

Evangeline Lilly

Elijah Wood

Dustin Hoffman

Drew Barrymore

Demi Moore

Daniel Craig

Conan O’Brien

Clint Eastwood

Christina Ricci

Christian Bale

Charlize Theron

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Bruce Willis

Brittany Murphy

Brad Pitt

Bill Murray

Benicio Del Toro

Audrey Hepburn

Anne Hathaway

Ann Coulter

Angelina Jolie

Anderson Cooper

Amy Winehouse

Amanda Seyfried

Al Pacino

(Yes, this post has way too many pictures, but there are still tons more at the source. Check them out.)


    1. MiMi says:

      No, the one that says Gillian Anderson is – Gillian Anderson (from The X Files) and the one that says Kate Winslett is Kate Winslett.

  1. Kathy says:

    Wow These are fantastic Rick….I really like the painting of Johnny Depp…but really they are all outstanding keep up the great work….kathy

  2. Kathy says:

    Thank you for posting your works here on Face book….I really like the one of Johnny depp…and the ones of Angelina Jolie and Anne hathaway and Audrey Hepburn is my favorite one….once again thanks for the share of your fantastic pieces of Art works….tke care and have a fantastic christmas with your family.

    1. Brian says:

      Glad to see it didn’t take long for the cranks to show up.
      Geez! Didn’t you see anything there to enjoy? What a
      miserable, complaining, offended little life you must have.

  3. Sylva Portoian says:

    Rick the Quick

    You dived in their soul
    Understood their core
    and how they would look
    If they were born centuries before…!!!


  4. Woodrow says:

    90 percent of these people look better in the pictures above than in real life.

    Why? Because people dressed better back then! Today, people dress in ways that make them look yecch!

  5. Justin says:

    Everything was great except for Michael Jordan and his prop. Remove him or the ball. Also there was a duplicate in there. Other than that, fantastic job.

  6. Eve says:

    80 pictures, no black women, and one black man with an anachronistic prop?

    I enjoyed a lot of them. I didn’t enjoy the lack of anybody that even vaguely resembles me.

    1. Tisha says:

      Unfortunately Eve, all the classic paintings never depicted people of color (unless Spanish) so it is what it is. However, I did find the one with Michael Jordan a little insulting. It gives the assumption that you couldn’t recognize one of the greatest players of all time without his basketball.

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