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Charity juxtaposes whiny tweets with images of actual difficulties

Feb 26, 2013 By Abraham

Ads for Water Is Life

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  1. S. Kyle Davis says:

    The whole point of the #firstworldproblems hashtag is that people know that it isn’t a “real” problem. Still, they are annoyances that people are perfectly entitled to express on their personal twitter accounts, etc. That is the point of social media, after all. If you don’t care, unfollow.

    That said, I do like the ads. Despite the tongue-in-cheek element of the hashtag, people do tend to ignore real third-world problems rather than doing something simple like donating a few dollars a month to a ministry or other charity to help.

    1. B says:

      Yep, that’s the American way all right. “It’s my right to be as stupid, whiny, and spoiled as I want and broadcast it all over my narcissistic social media page.” Freedom of speech has become freedom of stupidity.

      1. Marci says:

        I don’t think you’re understanding the point of #FirstWorldProblems. The reason people include that in a tweet is because they realize that what they’re complaining about is petty and meaningless and makes them sound like a spoiled whiny brat. Getting all mad about it is pointless. Pick out people that aren’t that self aware and use them in the ads instead.

  2. Rose says:

    This is the second set of these ads that I’ve seen. I hate them. I think they’re condescending – like if you are lucky enough to live in America, that you don’t actually know how lucky you are. Anyone who reads international news knows that we’re lucky. I also think that the video where they have the 3rd worlders saying inane tweets is bad for our reputation. If you want money from us, why do it by mocking us?

    1. Josh says:

      I think these ads are right on. I am constantly surrounded with people who do nothing but complain about everything. You may be right about people who read international news being aware of how lucky we are. But since very few people actually bother to read international news, most american
      s, especially the young, have no concept of how luck they are. We are incredibly entitled and demanding. While some of these tweets are tongue in cheek, many people do seriously complain about this kind of thing.

    2. B says:

      Why do you hate them? They’re not condescending. You’re missing the point here. The point is that all of us whiny Americans DON’T know how good we have it and are completely spoiled. Our reputation is already bad. Newsflash, the rest of the world already hates us, for the exact reason behind these ads, the fact that we are spoiled. Also because we’re reputed to be stupid, fat, and terribly consumer-driven. Which our country collectively has done a great job of proving!

      1. Marci says:

        “The point is that all of us whiny Americans DON’T know how good we have it and are completely spoiled.”
        You obviously didn’t read what the FirstWorldProblems hastag means. Go read and try again.

  3. David says:

    Along similar lines, years ago some of us would watch a weekly documentary in the college dorm lounge called “The World at War.” It included horrible footage of Nazi concentration camps as well as lots of other WWII video showing man’s inhumanity to man. Everyone in the lounge was quiet and somber as it went on. I remember being very jarred by the TV commercials that would regularly break in on the program — advertising for things like laundry detergent to give you the brightest whites, or the introduction of the latest car models. The juxtaposition of the things that really matter to people in extremely hard situations compared to the seemingly inane things we are urged to care about in modern America was incredible.

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