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Charlie Chaplin out of character [19 pictures]

Nov 2, 2012 By Abraham

We all know Charlie Chaplin as the mustached vagrant with baggy pants, big shoes, cane, and a bowler hat, strutting around with a good heart and a goofy gait. But take away the iconic props and he looks quite different.

Here’s Charlie Chaplin when he wasn’t “The Little Tramp“…


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(Visit for more info on most of these pictures: Wikinewforum, Wikipedia)


  1. tonicclonic says:

    Wow. He went completely gray/white between 1929 and 1931.

    Here’s a possible explaination from Wikipedia:

    “When filming [of City Lights] began at the end of 1928, Chaplin had been working on the story for almost a year. It was a challenging production that lasted 21 months, with Chaplin later confessing that he “had worked himself into a neurotic state of wanting perfection”.

    Chaplin finished editing the picture in December 1930, by which time silent films were an anachronism. The surprise preview showing in Los Angeles was not a success, and Chaplin left the movie theatre “with a feeling of two years’ work and two million dollars having gone down the drain.”

    1. Tom1969ca says:

      @ Michelle: Yes, that’s Brando. This was likely on the set of “A Countess from Hong Kong”, which was written, produced and directed by Chaplin! (As if that weren’t enough, he also wrote the music and had a cameo part!)

  2. Anita says:

    Why does all the rubbish (top,bottom,side) loads immediately but the stuff I am waiting for takes forever to (or never)

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