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Christian Fight Club — Going to church to get your ass kicked

Jun 19, 2012 By Abraham

So apparently there’s a church in New York that mixes MMA into their worship practices…

People may say…that Jesus told everyone to turn the other cheek and things like that, and I would be really quick to say this probably isn’t the church for you.

(via BuzzFeed)


  1. Anna says:

    *Groan* I’ve heard of this church. Those peeps should be out witnessing; not punching each other and giving each other black eyes O.o

    1. Brandon says:

      They are out witnessing. The MMA classes meet three times a week and it is not the only focus this church has. They have a jail ministry, they run a halfway house, they have a motorcycle ministry.

  2. Gavin says:

    I see no problem with what this church is doing.

    Some of the theological inferences they make (in defense of what they are doing) are misguided. But I still don’t take issue with a ministry starting an MMA program.

  3. JJES says:

    This seems really ridiculous and hypocritical to me, but I don’t understand religion or believing in god. I guess this isn’t really any more ridiculous to me than any other way that people find/make up to worship.

  4. QuizikL says:

    I just don’t see how pounding another guy’s head in to jello is going to make him more receptive to the gospel. However, if you are wanting to know what Jesus felt like at the hands of the Roman garrison, step into the ring and take a beating. Hope it helps your walk with Christ.

  5. Carr says:

    1) Some of the best times while growing up with friends that I dearly love involved wrestling, arm punches, and even sparring (during the brief time that I was in TKD with a couple friends).

    2) If you find that violent sports are in violation of the Gospel, you better pounce on football, hockey, etc., including those church-sponsored ones.

    3) I’d like to see the full film before I really make any qualms about this church and its fulfillment of its role. Even then, documentaries are notoriously one-sided, and I still have no basis to judge on something that seems discretionary. Not my role.

  6. Pspaughtamus says:

    I’m a former believer of various denominations over the years, now apatheist. One church group I was in had strong ministries based on hobbies, like fishing and sewing/needlework, so I can see what the elders of this congregation were thinking.

    The MMA isn’t a forced thing, I’m sure there are members who don’t participate or spectate. But they found that they had a bunch of members who had the interest. So, this is for those men, and possibly women. And when they meet someone outside the church who has the same interest, they have something to offer, a bait, if you will, to get that person to come to the church. Come for the fights, stay for the fellowship.

    Personally, it’s not my first choice of activities, but, it is for someone.

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