CNN Just Destroyed Trump’s 'Fake News' Message With One Tweet | 22 Words

CNN Just Destroyed Trump’s ‘Fake News’ Message With One Tweet

onald Trump and "Fake News" are like peanut butter and those fake plastic grapes that your aunt has in a bowl on her dining room table. One is tan and probably sticky, and the other is a poor attempt to convince you of class.

Trump's only defense against the horrible things he's done as president (and before) is to yell and scream that centuries-old respected news organizations have tossed all journalistic integrity out of the window to make up stories about him. He's cried "FAKE NEWS!" at practically everything. This is the guy who spewed birther movement lies for years. He's lied to the faces of the American people so consistently for so long, and his "fake news" obsession is yet another manipulation.

CNN has had just about enough of that, so they launched their #FactsFirst campaign and folks, it's pretty great.



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