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Combat gnome

Oct 4, 2011 By Abraham

Lawn figuring laying down aiming a rifle

(via The Firearm Blog)


  1. Daniel says:

    Dear Mr. Piper,
    Did all the interesting things on the interweb hide from you today? Please try a little harder tomorrow. Thanks!

  2. tiggy says:

    Finally a gnome that doesn’t give me the feeling I want to trash it the moment I see it! A set would be nice, then kids could make mines out of clay to lay all over the garden and there would be a proper use for the tank shooting BB’s I read from somewhere.. Also makes a perfect Christmas present for grandma to replace her old gnomes with that kind of set when she’s on holiday….. :D

    1. Babs says:

      Too funnny … I was just reading along when you started talking about my British mother-in-law who gave us the garden gnomes we have …. I want this one!!

  3. Felicity says:

    I WANT ONE, my father is a gun toting gnome lookalike and my mother would go APE over this as a christmas present WHERE CAN I GET ONE????

    Please help xx

  4. Carl H. says:

    Buy two, and set ’em both on the stove for a while. Because, you know the old song, gnome, gnome on the range…

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