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Couple leaves their dog in the car, she honks the horn until they come back

Mar 13, 2014 By Abraham

Recently, Graham and Fiona Haddow left their boxer Fern in the car while they checked out an art gallery for about twenty minutes. Soon after they left, Fern stepped into the driver seat and honked the horn. Then she honked it again. And she didn’t stop till they got back.

Of course, this gathered an amused crowd who filmed it for the rest of us to enjoy…

(via Metro)


  1. Pspaughtamus says:

    Definitely not in the US. Aside from the wrong-side drive and license plate on the car ahead, USians would have broken the windows and gotten the dog out and into safety, not stood around filming and laughing.

    1. Meezer says:

      Chill out, there is nothing inherently dangerous about sitting in a car. As long as it isn’t hot and sunny the car is a perfectly good place for a dog or a person to sit.

      1. RedSquirrel says:

        Why bring the dog along at all if you’re just going to be dicking around in an art gallery? Just leave her at home.

        No matter what the weather, it’s still not very kind to leave your pet in a confined space…how would you feel if someone left you in a car for twenty minutes? Bored, claustrophobic and unhappy.

  2. mary says:

    My dog LOVES the car and will NOT let me leave the house without him. Just the mention of word “car” riles him up. Needless to say he is in it a lot, but never in bad heat or cold and never for extended period of time and always with rhe windows cracked. Sometimes even wears a seatbelt. There is nothing wrong with this couple leaving their dog for just twenty minutes it appears, and any vet wound day the same I don’t encourage leaving pets in the car but don’t jump to conclusions and wanting to judge people so quickly. Clearly the dog is not in distress, just being hilarious. No need to be so dramatic, the other options are to wait with the animal to make sure it’s ok, simply find the owner, or call the police. Breaking windows is not necessary in this case.

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