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Crayons carved into Star Wars characters

May 17, 2011 By Abraham

(via Nerd Stink)


    1. max verde says:

      I must beg to disagree about the white crayon.I loved to use it on black paper when I was a child.I enjoyed the reversal effect,I recall.

    1. Ali says:

      Did you write the word ‘phallic’ just so some one would look it up and find out that it meant genitals?’Cause if that’s what you meant to do,you succeeded.

      Thanks,Jerk! :)

        1. Sploogle Head says:

          Genital-ey is a word in my dictionary. As is genitalness. It’s like gentleness but better. Genitalistic should be a word.

      1. Anonymous Coward218 says:

        You actually had to look that werd up? Maybe you’re too young to be on this site! (they had a 13 year old and over policy last time I checked)

      2. Kay A. Ess says:

        Who, over the age of 12, hasn’t heard of a phallic symbol and know what it means? Phallic is refering to something that is penis-shaped. Genitals can be male or female, but a phallus is a phallus is a phallus.

    1. cenzi says:

      I’m 34. I am embarrassed to say that I JUST learned what white crayons are for. Yeah they go awesome on black paper.. but to blend? mind = blown.

  1. red fraggle biker chick says:

    Are these done by the same guy who does the AWESOME pencil lead carvings? (Yes I am well aware that it is graphite in pencils!)

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