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15 Crazy and Amazing Animals You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

By Molly

From fanged deer to dogs that look more like raccoons, here are a few bizarre and beautiful creatures that most of us are unfamiliar with…

Tufted Deer

This small species of deer is found in central China, and known for the tuft of dark hair on their foreheads. Funny, one would think they might be known for their huge Dracula fangs.


Image: Shutterstock

Pink Fairy Armadillo

With its shielded head and torso, this 4-inch nocturnal pink armadillo uses those crazy claws to basically swim through sand just below the surface.


Image: Flickr


Like a small cougar, the fossa is the largest carnivorous mammal on the island of Madagascar. Their retractable claws allow them to climb up trees and just as easily run back down them head-first.


Image: Shutterstock


This long-necked species of antelope, also called the Waller’s Gazelle, is found in East Africa. Their long legs and necks enable them to reach higher branches for food. They also make them incredibly (and awkwardly) cute.


Image: Shutterstock

Naked Mole Rat

For as ugly as they seem, the Naked Mole Rat is pretty incredible. They live up to 28 years, which is unparalleled among other similar animals, and maintain their fertility for almost the entire time. They are often used in cancer research and in aging studies, since they are born looking like this and barely age at all. All those cool thingsĀ might make up for the fact that this guy is not the prettiest creature on the planet.


Image: Shutterstock

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