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Creating art out of audio waveforms [5 pictures]

Aug 1, 2012 By Abraham

Bespoken Art takes waveforms, combines them with color and imagery that represent the sound the waveform is from, and then turns these into wall hangings. It’s a little bit kitschy, perhaps — but in a cool, contemporary way…

The sounds of New York City…

The sound of “To be or not to be”…

The sound of each color of the rainbow being said…

The sound of a cappuccino being made, from grinding the beans to pouring it…

The sound of “The Star-spangled Banner” as the white stripes on the American flag…


  1. S. says:

    It’s a really cool idea, but why in the world does “that is the question” have a colon after it?

    I hate grammatical/spelling errors in Artwork..
    Besides that, the quote ALREADY exists, so all the artist had to do is copy it.

    1. David C says:

      I believe a colon was included because that is how Shakespeare wrote it!

      “To be, or not to be: that is the question:
      Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer…”

  2. Raj Mandu says:

    This is absolute forced/contrived nonsense bereft of any aesthetic value whatsoever. It’s not even absurd, ironic, or stupid enough to have anti value.

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