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“Creative” tips for how to hand out tracts for Jesus [8 pictures]

May 30, 2013 By Abraham

A couple years ago, a blogger found a very helpful piece of Christian literature in a closet at her church — Witnessing Made Easy: How to Pass Out Tracts for Jesus.

It is a real book from 1986 and it contains some seriously good ideas for how to covertly and passive aggressively assert your dogmas on unwitting targets, both neighbors and strangers alike.

Here are some highlights…

(via Bag of Nothing)


  1. Brendt Wayne Waters says:

    If I was a Sunday School bus driver, I think I’d prefer noise to the smell of protein spills by the kids who didn’t know that their systems can’t handle reading in a moving vehicle.

      1. J. Gunn says:

        I don’t understand how you can defend a religion by abandoning the majority of it’s teachings on love, patience, kindness, and repaying evil for good and all that.

        Plus, you’re off target anyway. Criticism of handing out tracts does not necessarily equate to being anti-CHRISTIAN. Christianity has nothing to do with tracts; those were invented 1900 years after Christ, so you can’t act like they’re a PART of the religion anymore than you can argue criticizing pews means you’re anti-christian. If you just carelessly toss paper booklets everywhere, that’s littering, well meaning or not. Fact.

        1. Jeff says:

          Actually, Jesus was quite specific in the Bible that the point of Christianity is to get as many people to convert as possible and for them to then get others to convert as well. Actually, if you look at the old testament, it really just looks like a pyramid scheme.

          1. Jonathan says:

            I certainly agree many Christians today behave as if the whole thing were some kind of game where you accumulate Conversion Points™, but where does Jesus specifically speak of Christianity being about as many people to convert as possible? He does speak about making “disciples,” although he doesn’t mention anything about as many as possible and that word meant a very different sort of thing than people now mean by “converts”.

            And what part(s) in the Old Testament communicate to you a pyramid scheme?

            I’m not trying to be pedantic, but critiques are more effective if they are accurate.

    1. Tom1969ca says:

      Jack Chick is about as self-righteous as they come; he’s not satisfied with people coming to religion, or even Christianity – it has to be HIS interpretation of Christianity or it’s false worship. Here’s what Wikipedia says about his views on the Roman Catholic Church (which is Christian):

      “He credits Catholicism with founding the Islamic religion, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons), and the Jehovah’s Witnesses; starting the Holocaust; founding Communism, Nazism, and the Ku Klux Klan; starting both World Wars; and with masterminding the 1917 Russian Revolution, the Great Depression and the assassinations of U.S. Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy.”

      Chick would be a good fit with the Westboro Baptist Church, but they probably would say he’s too narrow-minded for them…

      1. Matt says:

        If you believe in a version of the truth why should you let people bully you into compromising? The things you listed aren’t even the worst things the catholic curch has done by the way, God bless Jack Chick.

        1. Davros says:

          Pretty sure most of the negative things done by the “Catholic Church” were actually done by people. Yes maybe by people in positions of power within that organization, but then again many protestant churches have been headed by some people who have done awful things.

          Basically it’s the people who do the evil things not necessarily the organization itself.

          As far as compromising, well it’s always good to have an open mind on things and to be willing to learn. As nobody is perfect, why should we close ourselves to the opportunity to improve? I mean there is a truth out there, but nobody knows all of it and we’re all wrong about something. So why would you not compromise if it gets you closer to the truth?

          As to the subject of the bog post, I just get annoyed by tracts. If you think that handing out some religious material to people you don’t know will in some way help them, just know they mostly trash it. And it can offend your fellow Christians as well. These things are usually short-sited and black & white when reality is far different. I have no issue with sharing your faith (it is what the bible teaches), but it’s much more effective when you build a relationship with a person first and you aren’t trying to pass out narrow-minded interpretations that skew the original texts.

          If you are gonna pass those things out make sure it’s in an environmentally friendly way so you don’t destroy our planet with what many will just toss in the trash (or leave as litter).

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