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Cyclist draws intricate images with his routes, including a map of the world [10 pictures]

Oct 15, 2013 By Abraham

For the last five years, cyclist Michael Wallace of Baltimore has added artistry to what would otherwise be ordinary biking around town by going on rides that trace out pictures on a map and tracking these rides with his GPS, creating “virtual geoglyphs.” Some of his pieces are simple like a cat or a thumbs-up. Others are more complicated…

Ben Franklin

Wally GPX - 06


Wally GPX - 03


Wally GPX - 08


Wally GPX - 04

Ambiguous Quadruped

Wally GPX - 05

Zidane’s Headbutt

Wally GPX - 07


Wally GPX - 09


Wally GPX - 10

World Map

And finally, in what must be the pinnacle of his GPS-art career, Wallace took a 32-mile ride that formed the entire world.

Wally GPX - 02

He writes of the experience…

My battery was near dead, my water was gone, and it was a race against the clock to complete this monster ride. But when it was all said and done, the right “rights, lefts, and backtrackings” ended up creating the world right here in the streets of Baltimore!

Wally GPX - 01

You can see a lot more of his map-pictures on his site and Facebook.


  1. boingboo says:

    Very creative.

    There’s some comment to be made about the relationship between authenticity and art as this could have just as easily been accomplished with MS Paint and lies. Kudos to the creator for putting in the effort!

  2. WallyGPX says:

    Thank you for your interest & support!

    Join my GPS adventures on Twitter @WallyGPX and Instagram: wallygpx. All are also welcome to like “Wally GPX” on Facebook, & friend me at MapMyRide.com for looks at the data I generate while recording these.

    Happy trails!,

  3. WallyGPX says:

    Aloha all!

    Thank you for your interest and support!

    Please feel invited to join the adventure on Twitter @WallyGPX, and on Instagram at wallygpx as well. Please also feel free to ‘friend me’ at mymyride.com for a look at the data I’ve generated while recording these. Lastly, my apologies to the inevitable imperfections found on my attempt at creating a location-based world map!



  4. WallyGPX says:

    Thank you everyone for your interest and support, and my apologies for my world map imperfections! I can assure you that I pedal my heart out to make these, and my recorded positioning data can be found at mapmyride.com.



  5. Bartman says:

    Other than the map of the world, I’m not sure I’d use the term “intricate”.
    But it’s a great effort, so kudos to you for that.

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